Auditions for Minnesota Fringe - Secrets Under the Christmas Tree

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Stipend of box office profits


A mystery/comedy in the vein of Knives Out and Clue. Written by Chicago-based playwright Brandon M. Prosek and directed by J. Scott Sibley


About the show: In this spin on classic whodunits, mysterious gifts cause two couples to begin to unravel and Deedee Wallaby must solve the case before all the secrets come to light.


Show Dates are at Open Eye Theater

August 1st, 5:30 pm

August 3rd, 1:00 pm

August 7th, 7:00 pm

August 9th, 10:00 pm

August 11th, 8:30 pm


Rehearsals are TBD but will take place from early June to the end of July.


These roles would have a small stipend from the box office profits.


If interested in auditioning, please email [email protected] and we will arrange a virtual audition time. Sides will be provided.


Deft Pictures is producing its first Fringe Festival play and is looking for the following roles.


Deedee Wallaby (Late 20s - Mid-30s - Female): A private detective who’s incredibly intelligent but socially awkward. Due to being so self-conscious of how she's coming off, she will sometimes channel and project herself into an overdramatic persona to help her confidence. Since she is not physically imposing, it is her vulnerability and awkwardness that causes criminals or clients to feel safe enough to confess or slip up and admit things they didn't mean to.


Jody Wallaby (Mid-30s - Female): Deedee's older sister. Married to Kip and co-owns a successful real estate house-flipping business with her best friend Serena called Pivot Properties. Jody is way more confident than Deedee and her intelligence falls in the business and accounting side of her company.


Serena Towers (Mid-30s - Female): Jody's best friend and co-owner of Pivot Properties. She's the face of the company and head of sales. The kind of person that can talk most people into anything. People often underestimate her due to thinking she's "some dumb beautiful social media influencer." She's married to Angelo who is head of the construction side of their flipping business.


Kip Bennet (Mid-30s - Male): Jody's husband. Thinks he's smooth, slick, and great at convincing people like Serena is but is often seen as a buffoon. One of those guys that invests in completely the wrong things or way too late. The type of person who thinks he's "investing in the lottery" and not realizing that's not how it works because "any day he'll strike gold.”


Angelo Towers (Mid-30s - Male): Serena's husband and the construction side of her and Jody’s company. He is a lovable guy who can be a bit of a pushover and doofus. He is very sweet and often bending over backward for everyone.


Bernard (Late 20s - Mid-30s - Male): Originally Deedee's driver but due to the terrible weather and being embarrassed for not bringing a date because she thought she would've had one by the time the party came, she pays Bernard to pose as her boyfriend.