Love, Stereotypes, and Craft

Under This Roof presented Full Circle Theater at the Dowling Studio

Marisol: The Reluctant Hero

Searching for hope in a modern epic

The Princess' Nightingale

An interview with lead performer Natalie Tran

Today’s cover: Add ¼ cup of Bard

Taking Shakespeare doesn’t quite live up to expectations


An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People follows Tom Stockmann, a geologist who discovers dangerous water pollution in the Springs, a highly anticipated …

Waiting for our guests

It's a long way to run

Red Eye's RELAY RELAY is a bold test of your endurance for discovery.

"Just let me know and I'll be there"

Revisiting Marion McClinton’s 'Police Boys' in 2018

Reclaiming the term "disruptor"

Newly hired Artistic Director of MN Fringe Jay Gilman chats with us.

Don’t squeeze the lemon dry

The cost of good value

Palm-bark clipboards and coconut headsets

Ask an Admin with Jessica Franken


A follow up to reviews on MN Opera's Dead Man Walking

Black prisoners picking cotton Angola State Farm circa 1900




Techs + Designers

““The Poland of today seems increasingly like an ideologically feudal outpost, its politics once again ridden with the legacy of communism, conspiracy theories, and exclusionary discourse towards opponents."”

— Natalia Kopytruk

Retirement...sort of

The best of both worlds

By Martin Ruben

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