Making theater from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis

A small-town theater company treks to the Twin Cities and learns a bit about itself along the way.

BLOG: Dollars and Bills

It's Shakespeare's 450th birthday bash, so maybe it's time to start looking to other playwrights for inspiration. Also, how do you make sure you get paid for your work? And whatever happened to the greatest juggler in the world?

The show must go on, so shut the hell up and get it done

A sweet, unscripted onstage act breaks the fourth wall and makes headlines, and that's a problem.

A view from the road: Toronto

A local artist heads to Toronto's SummerWorks festival to see how the Twin Cities scene stacks up against some of Canada's finest.

Using my day job skills to be a better writer

A dispatch from Dayjob Land reminds us how the corporate world can inform our artistic existence.

Exploring change for the awkward arts zealot: Personal

Charles Campbell kicks off a series on change in the arts with a look at personal evolution.




Techs + Designers

“We know that musical theatre and theatre in general has the power to move the needle and change hearts and minds,” says Hitchens. “So we’re just excited that these young people want to be part of that.”

— Heather Hitchens

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