Promenade Style Theatre Meets The Puzzle Room

"Cabal" by Walking Shadow Theatre Company

“New Leaf” Blooms Opportunity

New Leaf's play development journey to get more local work on more stages

Hot Asian Doctor Husband

Not enough room to mention everything about this show!

“Flesh that needs to be loved”—Toni Morrison, "Beloved"

Reflection on the August 19, 2019 Guthrie Theater's “Happening: The Art of Surviving”

The Hottest Stop in Town: Floyd’s

Lynn Nottage and the Guthrie Theater place humanity front and center

Today’s cover: A Picnic Operetta

"The Clemency of Tito’s Tennis Club" by Mixed Precipitation


Arden of Faversham

Arden of Faversham

Classical Actors Ensemble presents the Twin Cities premiere of this anonymous Elizabethan true crime drama staged as a 1940s film noir. Directed …



A Man. A Pink Triangle. A Journey to Dignity. In this intimate play, centered around the Nazi persecution of homosexuals, a man must choose …


The Outsider

You loved Unnecessary Farce! Come see playwright Paul Slade Smith's latest clever creation The Outsider. Ned Newley doesn't …

The Public’s Liaison to Escape

Ask an Admin with Renata Nijiya

Disrupt the Imaginary Yet Powerful Borders

Ask an Admin with AnaSofía Villanueva

Ask an Admin: Isabel Nelson

Building a theatre company out of nothing

Image from Transatlantic Love Affair's 105 Proof
John Gebretatose Headshot

Ask an Admin with John Gebretatose

Relax. It's not if you fuck up, but when you fuck up.




Techs + Designers

“"The arts are increasingly becoming a playground for the wealthy, which limits the kinds of stories that are being told"”

— Kari Bentley-Quinn

Lynn Nottage

“I wanted to process my human rights work through art.” – Lynn Nottage

Lynn Nottage and Joseph Haj's In Conversation at the Guthrie Theater on July 22nd

By Melissa Miller

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