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Eden Prairie Players announces auditions for the 2024 Women's One Acts+!

A festival of short plays written and directed by artists who identify as women and/or hold gender-expansive identities. Casting roles for all ages and gender identities! Directors for each play will be announced shortly.

The WOA+ will feature 6 plays:

Lady of the Manor by Debra Cole (Comedy, 2F/1M) - An American woman takes a tour of an ancient castle, finding things to be surprisingly familiar

Folded by Bara Swain (Drama, 1F/1M) - It's Crane's birthday, and per usual he's woken up on the floor of his Aunt Bee's garage overcome with a generational pain that lives in them both. But Bee won't let history haunt them for another year. Directed by Carrie Kuehl

Parental Guidance by Noa Najar (Comedy, 2F) -  A lesbian couple prepares for the best thing for a marriage on the rocks - dinner with their dysfunctional parents. 

Timber by Lindsey Brown (Comedy, 2F/2M) - An odd chance encounter between two middle-aged singles at a romance retreat ends with someone plummeting off a cliff. Or did it?

The Sitting by Pam Kingsley (Drama, 1F/1M) - Using one of the last gifts from her late husband, a woman sits with a tempestuous artist for a portrait painting. As their conversation unfolds, both confront hard truths about their history

Secondhand Soul by Ava Love Hanna (Comedy, 1F/1M/1 Any) - Right after moving into their new home, a couple passes the time by playing with a Ouija board. When an unexpected guest arrives, both have very different interpretations of the man now asking for their soul.

Note: Listed pronouns and genders are those of the characters as written, but do not necessarily have to reflect those of the performer. 

If you're interested in reading the plays in the festival, visit the Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation office at EP City Center (8080 Mitchell Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55344) anytime from 8am to 4:30pm. 
Scripts will also be available to read before/during both audition dates, starting 30 minutes before the start time. 


Auditions will be at the Eden Prairie Senior Center on March 2nd from 2pm to 5pm and March 4th from 6pm to 9pm. 

To audition please sign up for a timeslot below using TheaterForms…

Auditioners will prepare a 1-2 minute comedic or dramatic monologue. Sides from each play will also be printed and available at the audition. Auditioners will perform for all 6 directors- in the audition form you may select specific plays and/or roles you do or do not want to be considered for.

Audition sides will be available here once chosen by the directors, likely after February 12:…

Video auditions for those unable to attend in-person will be accepted until March 4th at 9pm. To submit a video audition, fill out the same audition form above and paste the link to your video in the video audition question. 


Each director will create rehearsal schedules for their individual play in consideration of actor availability and the availability of rehearsal spaces. Rehearsals will be at various locations around Eden Prairie.

When rehearsals occur, they will generally be weekday evenings and weekend afternoons.

Required Dates:

All actors will be required on all the following dates.

Saturday, April 27th 10am to 1pm - Stage build/load-in
May 4th/May 5th - Each play will have 2-hours on either date to work with technicians during a dry tech. Exact times TBD
May 6th-May 9th 6pm to 10pm - Tech week
May 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th at 6pm; May 19th at 1pm - Performance call times.
Strike will follow the final performance on May 19th


Email Alex Church (He/Him) at [email protected]