Fly By Night

Presented by Riverland Theatre

Frank W. Bridges Theatre

1900 8th Ave NW Austin, MN


Call 507-433-0595
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140 minutes

With intermission

Past performances

Wednesday, October 10 7:00 pm
Thursday, October 11 7:00 pm
Friday, October 12 7:00 pm
Saturday, October 13 7:00 pm
Sunday, October 14 2:00 pm
Comedy Musical

Does love choose us or do we choose it? Fly By Night is a heartfelt, sweeping tale of love, hope, and sandwiches. Set against the backdrop of the Northeast blackout of 1965, Fly By Night tells the story of two sisters from South Dakota, a sandwich maker in New York, a funeral, a guitar, stars, and the 'invisible universe' that connects us all. A darkly comic rock-fable about the healing power of music when faced with trials and tribulations, Fly By Night is an emotional journey that's both entertaining and moving, celebrating the power of human connection.