Research COUNCIL: Episode #7/ActionItems

Presented by SuperGroup

Bryant Lake Bowl Theater

810 W Lake St

$6-$15 sliding scale

Call 6128258949
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Tuesday, May 14 8:00 pm

Everybody take your take-aways and come back with action items fulfilled. Action items are assigned, so even if you didn’t write it (and most likely you didn’t), you’ll need to accomplish it if it is assigned to you. Although action items are not expected to be executed during spring break, they should be completed shortly thereafter. The ship must move forward. Action items, having been acted upon, and completed, should be checked off, and shared widely. Please share your checklists, and provide links to show your work, and share your share lists so we can all check for redundancies. If you don’t show your work we can’t give half points. Alchemy is important, but so is math.