Friday, October 29, 2021

(All day)

The Gray and the Gold

(All day)
Runs 60 minutes

Maximum Verbosity YouTube Channel

$10 recommended donation, though nobody is turned away from watching!
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Presented by Maximum Verbosity
  • Drama
  • Storytelling

"Hearken to my speech, boy -- all Golden-Folk be as we ere long. Once we shone brightly, gliding through the leaves of the forest and the brush of the desert, plain to eye only a flurry of green and gold, green and gold. One day now and one day soon, we all fade to gray."

A gray-man, skin dirt-gray, sets out into the desert to find a golden maiden, stopping for long palavers with a pale man along his way. Tale of some colorful folk, say I, with tongues of gold, whatever their skins may be.

Discover a darkly fantastic world in this story by horror author phillip andrew bennett low, with an original soundtrack by J Roth of Walking Boxes Productions!

WARNING: contains gunshots and graphic descriptions of violence, as well as some implication of sexual assault.

Recording will become public October 25-31.


" engaging but dark tale of a wandering man on a quest full of talking wolves, cryptic cannibals, unexpected zombies, and bad dreams; first rate experimentation..."
- Matthew A. Everett, Single White Fringe Geek

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7 pm


7:00 pm

Northfield Arts Guild Theater
411 3rd Street West Northfield, MN 55057

Call 5076458877
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Presented by Northfield Arts Guild
  • Drama
  • Comedy

The Northfield Arts Guild Theater kicks off its 62nd Season with Ira Levine’s comedic thriller, Deathtrap. Directed by Susan Carlson, Deathtrap is full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. 

Comfortably ensconced in his charming Connecticut home, Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a dry spell which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he has been conducting at a nearby college—a thriller that Sidney recognizes immediately as a potential Broadway smash. Sidney’s plan, devised with his wife’s help, is to offer collaboration to the student for co-credit. Or is it? Deathtrap provides twists and turns of devilish cleverness, and offers hilariously sudden shocks in such abundance that audiences will be spellbound until the very last moment. “If you care to assassinate yourself with laughter, try Deathtrap.” —TIME Magazine. 

The show opens on Friday, Oct. 22 at 7:30, with performances Oct. 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31. Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30, Sunday performances are at 2:00. 

Tickets are on sale now-- in person at the Northfield Arts Guild office (304 Division St.), by phone (507-645-8877), or online at

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Little Shop of Horrors

7:00 pm

Wayzata Central Middle School Auditorium
305 Vicksburg Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55447

Presented by 4 Community Theatre
  • Musical


ADVISORY: This show includes adult language and content. It is not recommended to bring children under 13. Parents should exercise their own discretion.

Book and Lyrics by HOWARD ASHMAN


Vocal Arrangements by Robert Billig

Orchestrations by Robert Merkin

Based on the film by Roger Corman, Screenplay by Charles Griffith. Originally produced by the WPA Theatre (Kyle Renick, Producing Director) Originally produced at the Orpheum Theatre, New York City by the WPA Theatre, David Geffen, Cameron Mackintosh, and the Shubert Organization.

"A deviously delicious Broadway and Hollywood sci-fi smash musical, Little Shop Of Horrors has devoured the hearts of theatre-goers for over 30 years. Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (Disney's The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, and Aladdin) are the creative geniuses behind what has become one of the most popular shows in the world.

The meek floral assistant Seymour Krelborn stumbles across a new breed of plant he names 'Audrey II' - after his coworker crush. This foul-mouthed, R&B-singing carnivore promises unending fame and fortune to the down and out Krelborn as long as he keeps feeding it, BLOOD. Over time, though, Seymour discovers Audrey II's out of this world origins and intent towards global domination!" (Music Theatre International).

Directed by Sharayah Lynn

Music Direction by Deidre Cochran

Choreography by Jillian Ehlke

Assistant Directed by Tom Branham

Costumed by Katy Sherman

Scenic Design by Zachary Hedner

Scenic Construction by Dan Sherman 


OCTOBER 27-30, 2021

Join us at Wayzata Central Middle School for Little Shop of Horrors. Playing October 27-30. 

Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for students & seniors. 

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7:30 pm
Runs 75 minutes

Open Eye Theatre

Call (612) 874-6338
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Presented by Open Eye Theatre
  • Drama
  • Comedy

THE RED SHOES takes its title from a classic Hans Christian Andersen story of a young girl and a pair of red shoes, and thrillingly re-imagines it as a film noir mystery-adventure for grown-ups.

Somewhere in the heart of the Big City, our heroine is hiding in a tiny apartment, fearful of venturing out, or of letting anyone (or anything) in. But she’s not alone. A pair of haunted red shoes is delivered to her doorstep, and they propel our her into a harrowing film noir adventure through the labyrinths and spiral staircases of her own mind, where she must face down her fears of what lurks in the subway tunnel, and discover what fate has in store for her up on the rooftop! 

Equally humorous and hair-raising, THE RED SHOES draws inspiration and influences from vintage detective novels, black and white film noir movies of the 1930s and ’40s, and case studies of amnesia and multiple personality. The inventive use of manipulated objects, dolls, and masks provide a dream-like quality to the unfolding adventure.

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Alchemy of Desire/Dead-Man's Blues

7:30 pm

  • Opening night

Liu Stage in the Kilburn Arena Theatre
Rarig Center 330 21st Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55455

Presented by Guthrie BFA Acting Second Year Company
  • Experimental

Alchemy of Desire/Dead Man’s Blues explores the question of how we cope with incalculable loss. In this play, a young woman is haunted by the death of her husband in an unnamed war. She is lost in a swamp of grief and longing. The women of her community struggle to sweep her back into the land of the living with earth magic, songs, and buckets of fried chicken.

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Caridad Svich  
Directed by Shae Palic
Presented by the Guthrie BFA Acting Second Year Company
Liu Stage in the Kilburn Arena Theatre
October 28 - 31, 2021

Admission is free of charge, but reservations are required. See for more information.


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Ananya Dance Theatre's DASTAK: I WISH YOU ME

7:30 pm
Runs 74 minutes

  • Opening night

The O'Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University
2004 Randolph Av, St. Paul, MN 55105

$5 - $40
Call 651.690.6700
Buy tickets online

Presented by The O'Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University
  • Dance

Dastak is a meditation on borders, loss, belonging, home, and liberation, and is structured around four elemental journeys – Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

The evocative work traces the “knockings” (dastakin Farsi) of global injustices and echoes the subtitle created by Sharon Bridgforth – I Wish You Me – amplifying the cross-generational love that has carried communities through difficult migrations. The production invites audiences to imagine what freedom is possible as it expands the realms of intention and trans-dimensional connection through spells that invoke rest, forgiveness, love, and freedom

Choreographed by Ananya Chatterjea and performed by the artists of Ananya Dance Theatre, Dastak features a powerful team of collaborators, including writer and dramaturg Sharon Bridgforth, sound artist Spirit McIntyre (performing live), stage director Marcus Young, lighting designer Kevin A. Jones, costume designer Annie Cady, scenic designer Chelsea Warren, and film maker Darren Johnson

The O’Shaughnessy at St. Catherine University is located at 2004 Randolph Ave. in Saint Paul. Tickets for Dastak are on sale at

Ananya Dance Theatre and The O’Shaughnessy are excited to implement PAY WHAT YOU CAN pricing for these performances. Our suggested ticket price is $30. 

PAY WHAT YOU CAN asks those who routinely pay $30 for Ananya Dance Theatre tickets to pay that amount; it is the fair market value of the ticket. If you need to pay less, you can choose to pay less, as little as $5 a ticket. Those who can pay more than the market price are welcome to do so, and your generosity will help cover the cost of someone else’s ticket.

For more information and tickets, contact The O’Shaughnessy Ticket Office at 651-690-6700 or online at

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Come Back

7:30 pm
Runs 90 minutes

Commonweal Theatre Company
208 Parkway Ave N Lanesboro, MN 55949

$15 - $35
Call 8006577025
Buy tickets online

Presented by Commonweal Theatre Company
  • Comedy

Sky is stunned to learn he is the sole beneficiary of his best friend Erin's estate.  But there's a catch--and it's a whopper: Sky must conquer his paralyzing anxiety and criss-cross the country in search of the perfect way to dispose of his friend's remains.  Oh, and Sky must take Erin's chatty parrot Bruce on the trip.  And contend with Erin's overbearing father who demands a traditional funeral!  At once hilarious and heart-breaking, this offbeat comedy celebrates a friendship that knows no bounds.

Content Advisory: Come Back contains adult language and the topic of suicide.

*Virtual performances are available on Saturday nights.
*Visit our website for more information.

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The Comedy of Errors

7:30 pm
Runs 90 minutes

Plymouth Congregational Church - Guild Hall
1900 Nicollet Ave Minneapolis, MN 55403

Call 6122039502
Buy tickets online

Presented by Ten Thousand Things
  • Drama

Directed by Marcela Lorca
Music Direction by Peter Vitale

Featuring Katie Bradley, Cristina Florencia Castro, Nubia Monks, Will Sturdivant, Danielle Troiano and Sally Wingert

This comedy explores the richness of finding love in unexpected places and the challenges of immigrating to new lands. Filled with zany confusion, the play asks questions relevant for today: How do any of us really know who we are—or what day it is, for that matter? An in-person production with a recording of the show made available mid-way through the run.

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8 pm

The Music Man

8:00 pm
Runs 200 minutes

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
501 W. 78th St., Chanhassen, MN 55404

$53 - $96
Call 952-934-1525
Buy tickets online

Presented by Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
  • Comedy
  • Musical

The citizens of River City have got trouble… That’s a capital T, that rhymes with P and stands for “Professor” Harold Hill. He’s a charming, fast-talkin’ traveling salesman who goes city to city starting youth marching bands. Hill promises to teach the kids and raises the money to purchase the instruments and uniforms. There’s just one person who can’t tell the difference between a trombone and a treble clef – Professor Hill.  Everyone is simply enamored by Professor Hill, everyone except for the suspicious town librarian, Marian Paroo.

On a campaign to rid River City of the impending demise of their youth, Professor Hill condemns a variety of activities – including Mayor Shinn’s new pool table in the town parlor. Shinn, incensed, begins an investigation into Professor Hill’s true credentials.  Marian sees right through Professor Hill’s marching band scheme. She’s ready to tell Professor Hill off until she sees her self-conscious little brother, Winthrop, shed his shyness when he picks up a shiny, new cornet. The trouble really begins when Marian’s heart beats a little faster for Professor Hill.

Get into a little trouble with Meredith Willson’s five-time Tony Award-winning musical featuring the unforgettable songs “Seventy-Six Trombones,” “Ya Got Trouble,” “Wells Fargo Wagon” and “Till There Was You.” Don’t miss this classic, all-American musical for every generation.

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