Deviant Devising Sessions, Hosted by DANGEROUS PRODUCTIONS

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2014 TCHF Production of FRANKENSTEIN featuring undulating bodies drowning in harsh red light. Photo by Dan Norman

Calling deviant (or deviant-curious) actors, ensembles, performers, directors, musicians, prop makers, clowns, artists, and everybody else! Dangerous Productions is hosting a series of open-play sessions just for you on Thursdays starting on April 18th. 


  • Got a weird idea you wanna try and get on its feet? GREAT.
  • Always wanted to try out blood effects? WELCOME.
  • Think you have some good deviant skills that you want to share? HECK YES
  • Just wanna hang out and play with some weirdos for an evening? COME ON DOWN


The goal of this series is to create a place for like minded artists to get together, collaborate, and maybe perform…

If you’re interested, please sign up here:



Every Thursday, starting April 18th at 7 - 10pm, until May 30th with a final showing on May 31st




The basement of Falcon Heights Church (1795 Holton St.). There’s a big parking lot, and it’s not a long walk from the 61 or A-Line. This is a wheelchair accessible location.




Each session, we get together, meet each other, and folx name projects they may want to work on (don’t have a project, but are ready to play? That’s great too!)  At the end of the session we will all watch whatever each other was working on that night. (Sharing not mandatory).


Then… If you wanna come back and continue working on that with your group, great!

If you want to go out for snacks/beers/froyo afterwards and say “byeeeee”, also great!

If you want to share your work in a final deviant showcase on May 31, also super great!

You’re welcome to attend as many or as few sessions as you like 🙂


Cost: FREE!!!

Who gets paid? Nobody! This is just a chance to meet, work, play, and collaborate with other deviants.



Some props (although feel free to bring some of your own)

Some snacks

Fake Blood

Space with tarps

Clean up stuff

Basic facilitation & structure by Ian Ebner & Tyler Olsen-Highness from Dangerous Productions


Again, if you’re interested, please sign up here: