Part-time job for theatre folx / After school care for 5th grader in Hopkins

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Theatre person, moving back to MN from NY state this summer with a rising 5th grade daughter who is a fun, bright, art-obsessed kid!  Her current priority is making her new room "retro chic", whatever that means - she's making art for the walls and I think I'll be buying a lava lamp soon...

She'll be at Glen Lake Elementary in Hopkins, which dismisses at 2:20pm - tough for a parent working downtown!

We've struck out with after school programs, so looking to engage someone to do after school pickup and stay with her at our home until I get home from work, which I think will be 5:30/6 p.m. most days.  May occasionally mean some dinner prep, tbd.  Note, we do have two cats (and two frogs!).

Generally every-other week, with shared custody.  Some measure of schedule flexibility for all involved!

Will request references and background check before hire. Hope to meet a few candidates by Zoom/Facetime, then in-person before making arrangements for September.

Please contact me by email at [email protected] for more details or if interested.  $15-$20/hour based on experience.