Hearing Voices with Harrison David Rivers

Mapping the Imagination | Conversations with Twin Cities Playwrights

The Curious Examination of “Normal” Communication

Mixed Blood continues to hold up the mirror

The problem of Thomas and Sally

Asking for a do-over.

Today’s cover: Thanks!

Seriously, thank you.


The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

Christopher Boone, a young man on the autism spectrum, sets out to investigate the bizarre death of a neighbor’s dog, setting into motion …


The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge

This delightful spoof on the holiday classic will have you cheering! Despite vowing to keep Christmas in his heart all year long, Ebenezer …


Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and her punk rock band The Angry Inch are traveling to the wicked little town of St. Paul, MN, after a successful three-year encore …


Coney Island Christmas

By Donald Margulies
Based on "The Loudest Voice" by Grace Paley
Directed by Elena Gianetti

This area premiere …


Roller Derby Queen

Due to her compulsive consumerism, Florence Alvine Turchin’s house has become, according to her eldest daughter, Ellen, hygienically uninhabitable …


A Very Asian Xmas Carol

Join Jasmine and Mu's amazing musical theater artists as they recount A Christmas Carol with a little Asian flare and Jasmine sparkle! We're …

Vaclav Havel and St. Wenceslas Statue

The job of the artist

Responses to Václav Havel's view of the artist's job.

If a play says something in Minneapolis is it really ever heard?!!!

Someone once said to me that all plays are at the very core about something, the question is whether or not that something actually matters.


Are money and art compatible? (No. No, they're not.)

The fundamentals of fear

Entertaining an audience is one thing. Scaring the crap out of them is something else entirely.

16 questions with Gary Briggle

Our new feature kicks off with esteemed actor Gary Briggle discussing his life on stage.

What did you see in that audition?

In episode four, our roundtable of directors considers auditions.

"Why do we do this?" sign is also a metaphor for auditions.




Techs + Designers

“"...you have to nurture something if you want it to grow."”

— Meghan Kreidler

Coming Together

An in depth look at the Minnesota Theater Alliance Statewide Theater Conference

By Theresa J. Beckhusen

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