Over the last decade there has been a construction boom in the performing arts not just in the Cities (see: Guthrie, Children's Theater, and now the Schubert, finally) but in the suburbs as well.

I just recently visited the lovely Performing Arts Center in Faribault (more on that in another article).

If you haven't already seen this article from the Pioneer Press, you might want to check it out as well as this conversation on the forum over at callboard.org.

There are many good questions here: Should they have built such a large main stage space? Do people prefer to go to the Cities for their entertainment? Will people from the Cities go to Burnsville? Can the emptiness be filled by local performing arts? Would Burnsville, and other suburbs, even want that?

But, overall, there does seem to be these facts: 1. There are lots of people who live in the suburbs. 2. There are new and old venues in those suburbs that perhaps aren't being used to capacity. 3. There is a glut of performing arts companies in the Twin Cities.

What does it all add up to?