Just to say - We were honored by the cool, fun, and interesting people who turned out for our birthday party at Joe's Garage last night. Those who showed up enjoyed some very good company and great appetizers and deserts courtesy of Joe himself. They also got a tiny preview of the new look by picking up our new-look promotion bookmarks and membership cards.

Leah and Matt even took a break from non-stop programming to be there.

We will be answering this question many times: What is this membership thing? Am I a member?

Everyone who uses to MinnesotaPlaylist to post a comment, classified, or performance has a specific login. This allows us to police the site better -- and avoid the kind of spam you don't want to get on the Internet.

Having a login, however, DOES NOT make you a member.

Right now, if you've paid for an up-to-date talent profile in the past year, we've converted your purchase to an "Ensemble" membership on the soon-to-be relaunched site. So, not only do you have your talent profile, but you're also eligible for discounts on select massages, acupuncture, drinks at Joe's, as well as $5 last minute tickets at theaters around town. Yay for you!

If you're not yet a member, please do join up. Not only are we grateful that we can line up these useful discounts for you, your membership helps us make the website better in so many ways. In fact, because we know how supportive our readers can be if at all possible, we're also including a less expensive "Supporting" membership option (only $20 for one year) that includes some of the discounts, and more, but lacks the talent profile and discounted tickets.

If you have a talent profile but weren't able to pick up your membership card last night, you can join us at Play by Play books on Nov. 10. We think that there is nothing odd at all about companies having more than one birthday party. (We don't even think that's bad for individual people, for what that's worth. Birthdays everyday, I say!) If you can't make it to Play by Play, either, please email your mailing address to [email protected], and we'll send you a card.