Thursday, August 27 from 11 am - 10 pm, will be producing "Field Day at the Walker," which means - well, honestly, I don't know what it means, but it looks like it could be cool. All kinds of artsy kind of things happening in and around the Walker including readings and a performance from Open Eye Figure Theater (does the Walker have a Driveway they can use?), and a screenprinting workshop. And also there will be KICKBALL. That's what the press release says, "registered teams can compete in various lawn sports, such as kickball." I don't know how you register. You should call them about that. Then tell me if you're playing.

Because I'll come cheer for you. Kickball!

If you're like me, and so you consider all live activity cool - regardless of whether it happens in a theater or not -- and you also like artists - regardless of whether they're theater folk or not -- and you also like people watching at festivals - yay, Fringe! I miss you! - then you should stop by this event. . . Ok, even if you're not like me, I bet you can find something you like around the Walker on Thursday. Enjoy.

O, and here's the official paragraph from an email I received:

Cross your fingers for blue, sunny skies next Thursday, and come help us celebrate what we hope will be the first of many FIELD DAY festivals. It's a chance for artists and arts lovers from all over the state to meet up, play, and mingle: If you're up for some friendly competition, join in at the Greenspace Games; in the afternoon, take in a live performance by Open Eye Figure Theatre. You working stiffs can while away a pleasant lunch hour with Geoff Herbach, Andy Sturdevant, and miniStories winners past and present in the FlatPak House of the Walker's Sculpture Garden. There will be family activities, artmaking workshops, and kid-friendly programs all day long, not to mention great deals on food and drink in the Garden Grill. Solid Gold will cap off the day with a free outdoor concert from the Sky Pesher . You'll also find an arts org mall with loads of information on the resources available to make the most of what our area's cultural centers have to offer. All this, and's artists get free admission to the Walker's galleries all day. So please, come join us – rain or shine, it's sure to be a fantastic time.