Chanhassen Dinner Theatre is now artist owned.

We've heard through the grapevine that Children's Theater Company will be holding a forum to discuss with the community their casting of Mulan. We don't know the details. Do you?

The Guthrie has actually cancelled their production of She Stoops to Conquer and replaced it with a Stephen Deitz play, Shooting Star (directed by Ben McGovern and starring Sally Wingert and Mark Benninghofen) and a play imported from Britain's Tricycle Theatre called The Great Game, about Afghanistan.

Hat tip to the Star Tribune for reporting on each of these issues. We're grateful they still have two reporters covering theater. (One day we hope to be able to do more follow-up ourselves, but until then, don't listen to those people who say we don't need daily newspapers.)

From, comes a fascinating series of videos following great local actor Bob Davis.

Also, we link to mpr's State of the Arts blog, where they talk about the continued search for an artistic director at the Playwrights Center.

I have to think there's more to a bunch of these stories than meets the eye—especially CTC, Guthrie, and PWC. Here's to hoping these journalists still on the arts beat tracks them all down.

On another note, I personally will be looking forward to seeing The Great Game more than I was looking forward to She Stoops to Conquer, but also wonder when the day will come when the Guthrie creates a show that British theaters want to import to their country rather than entirely vice versa.

O, and in non-local news, Shakespeare wrote a new play. (Damn! Like I needed more competition in the new play world.)