Victor Zupanc has been the resident music director and sound designer at the Children's Theatre Company since 1989.

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Collaboration song from Minnesota Playlist on Vimeo.

0:00-0:45 Introduction Everything is music.

0:46-6:46 How do you work? Collaborating with the director. How not to do it. How to be inspired by everything. Advantages of CTC. Working with actors.

6:47-11:10 Is there tension between a director and a music director? Choosing a style. What do good directors do? Where does the best product come from? What shouldn't happen.

11:11-17:04 How did you get here from where you started? "O What a Lovely War." Loving rehearsals and complaining musicians: "What a bunch of jerks." Assisting Stephen Sondheim, Robert Woodruff, Anne Bogart. "Never say no."

17:05-20:42 How do you approach music from different cultures? Study, immersion, and musicians from all over the world. How to know a storm.

20:43-END. What else do you want people to know about sound design? The magic music button. Nine hours for every one minute of music. And also, happy to be a mentor.