We’re more than midway through Fringe, if you can believe that. With closing weekend rapidly approaching, plenty of fest-goers are looking for guidance on what to see in these precious final days. Here are a few blurbs culled from our bloggers’ extensive journeys through the Fringe-verse for inspiration. We think our folks know their stuff, but keep in mind that your mileage may vary.

Magician Derek Hughes has been perfecting his skills for over 30 years and it shows. Or rather it doesn’t show at all. – Paul de Cordova

Apocalypse Clown!
A sweet little show that made me forget that stuffed toy clown in Poltergeist. – Paul de Cordova

Bidgood to BidGREAT: Bumps and Blunders on the Boulevard to Brilliance
I couldn’t ask for a better start to the Fringe. It’s a charming show with a warm friendly audience. I walk out feeling part of something. – Paul de Cordova

Comedy vs. Calories: FIGHT!
An appropriately energetic, charmingly ragged production that captured the spirit of opening night. – Ira Brooker

Dear Madde
As she sings scripted songs and letters, she occasionally dips into the audience's submissions for in-the-moment-improv genius. – Dawn Brodey

Elysium Blues
This made my soul sing. Stunning vocalists with effortless emotion, careful treatment of the abyss of domestic violence, and representations of the dangerous beauty and unsung heroism of stories we tell our children. – Lisa Hu

Elysium Blues sent up the standard in a thoughtful and sharp way, and as an overall concept, it was bomb. – Kenna Cottman

Expiration Date
Expiration Date was great. Full and interesting and well-performed... – Dawn Brodey

A great start to my fringe. – Joshua Humphrey

The Final Act
I feel this Elizabethan Noir tale is Tedious Brief’s best work, and if you're a fan of Marlowe and the hard-boiled genre, this will hit you in your sweet spot. – Joshua Humphrey

Four Humors’ Lolita: A Three-Man Show
Beneath its slapsticky surface, this play had plenty to say about art, pop culture, hell, even American society in general. – Ira Brooker

A Gentle Spirit
The show, to be fair, is exactly what people who like Dostoyevsky are looking for. Long (one hour became four, don’t know how), slow, dark, painful, and meandering. – Dawn Brodey

Get Ready for the Vagina Fairy
Performer Rebecca Kling literally bared it all - allowing us to see her nakedness; acknowledging the ways it may intrigue and repulse us. – Dawn Brodey

This is a strong and uncommonly informative work, in part because, as Rebecca herself acknowledges, while most of us have heard of transgendered people, very few of us have first hand experience with them. I was fascinated, entertained and enlightened. – Paul de Cordova

Gray Matter
So here’s my schlubby, middle-aged, theatre trained self giving you a quick opinion of what I saw. It was pretty darn good. I think. – Paul de Cordova

Hello Stranger
It was uncomfortable, it was organic, it was fun. This show will make you smile and appreciate the ritual of entering an audience to create something new in 60 minutes. Shouldn’t all theater do something of the sort? – Lisa Hu

I Make No Promises, But Someone’s Probably Going to Die
A new-fashioned laugh riot. Absurd and sharp and strange. – Paul de Cordova

Imagination Island: Surviving Reality
Her journey is harrowing and grim and ultimately redemptive. And once again, the power of professionalism in the Twin Cities theater community is triumphant. – Paul de Cordova

Katharina Von Bora
I don’t want to talk about that show. And I don’t have to. – Dawn Brodey

The Legend of White Woman Creek
In addition to having a fantastic performance from Katie Hartman, it had some of the best lighting choices I've seen this Fringe, accentuating mood and performance while never being distracting. – Joshua Humphrey

Men Will Be Boys
An examination of male gender roles in our society requires direct looks at misogyny, and some might not be willing to go there. But I hope you do. I really do. – Joshua Humphrey

Paper Training the Playground Cataholics
The actors showed quite a bit of range from scene-to-scene, and therefore were doing their jobs as performers and acting. But while the show was hitting with other people in the audience, it just wasn't hitting with me. - Joshua Humphrey

Private School
Where was the real effort to support and develop the timid, silenced voice at the heart of this show? With an audience like this one at the Fringe, I wanted more honesty. - Lisa Hu

Random Acts of BODYTALK
This was movement as an expression of joy, choreographed and directed with an eye for arresting imagery. – Ira Brooker

Standing on the Hollow
As the full house was exiting the theater, I was still searching for a way to describe what I had just seen: '...like an emotional seizure...' No. '...made me feel sympathy-breathiness...' No, Dawn, dumb. – Dawn Brodey

Teenage Misery: A Horror Musical
Not only were the characters and jokes relatable and largely well-timed through the work of director Callie Meiners, these pieces I wanted to dislike all worked. - Lisa Hu

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized
It’s sort of like someone adapted your buddy who’s always talking about moving to Portland’s 2012 Facebook feed into a stage production. - Ira Brooker

They Called Her Captain
Walking into the theater I see the set and understand that I’m in the hands of professionals. The whole package knocks the audience out. – Paul de Cordova

Tizi Ouzo
Made me forgive myself for not knowing shit about North Africa and just enjoy the way that people everywhere are obsessed with finding a partner. – Paul de Cordova

Unknown Matters
Whether or not you like it or even get it (and I’m not sure how much those two things impact each other), Unknown Matters’ themes of exploration, personal connection and the mysteries of outer space work wonderfully as a prelude to the evening sky. – Ira Brooker

Yelling at Bananas in Whole Foods
It reincarnated '90s infomercial queen Susan Powter and made me feel guilty about how much junk I eat. So much so that I decamped immediately to Pizza Luce for a couple of slices a coke and a brownie. – Paul de Cordova