The (Almost) Complete and (Mostly) Accurate History of Alcohol Be Prepared to LOL for 90 Straight Minutes … Or Queer Minutes, You do You!

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The thing with sketch comedy is that it’s usually hit or miss, the good thing being unless it’s all misses, you just have to wait a few minutes for the next sketch if you’re not liking one. The other thing that usually happens is there are a few cast members that outshine the others. What The (Almost) Complete and (Mostly) Accurate History of Alcohol does differently is that they decided to have every cast member be great and for every sketch to work. It’s a brilliant idea and I don’t know why other sketch comedy shows don’t use that model, but people can be funny that way (If there’s a pun there it was intentional, if not… there wasn’t supposed to be, so shut up!). Using the Alcohol or “devil water” as its theme, the show jumps through history giving us sketches that take place in ancient Greece, the Salem witch trials, and prohibition to name three. Along the way there will be some songs, how could there not with the vocal jewel of Leslie Vincent in the cast. Look, I could describe the sketches and tell you all the best bits but that wouldn’t be as enjoyable for you, besides I can’t do any of the amazing moves that Thalia Bea Kostman does and to try and describe them would be to do them a disservice. So let me just steal one of their jokes and say just three words, DON’T MISS THIS SHOW!

The show Director is Josh Carson who also performs in the cast with the aforementioned Leslie Vincent and Thalia Bea Kostman along with Allison Vincent, Kelsey Cramer, Neal Skoy, and Thomas Matthes, and there isn’t a stinker in the bunch! The show is performed at Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater, doors open at 6:00 PM with the shows beginning at 7:00 PM. I like to get there early before the doors open so I know I’ll get a good spot and I enjoy ordering dinner to enjoy during the show. It’s a great venue for this hilarious show and the perfect way to spend an evening with friends or for a date night. Or if you are single and have no friends it would probably make a great prelude to evening of masterbation, not because of anything in the show, it’s not that kind of show! But you know, if that’s you, I think it’s a good idea for you to get out of the house a little bit. And not that you need cheering up but if you do, this is the perfect mood elevator. The show runs for three more performances September 28th thru 30th, so make your arrangements soon, call for a babysitter, book your uber, get a haircut for God sake. For more information about the show (the only thing I haven’t told you is the price) and to purchase tickets for $18 (now I even told you the price) got to

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