The Mystery Café presents - The X-Mas Files

Presented by The Mystery Cafe
69.50 + tax
Includes 3-course meal

701 Bunker Lake Blvd NE
Ham Lake, MN 55418
United States

120 minutes Includes 3-course meal service
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It's Christmas time in Moosepie, MN. This quiet, friendly resort town is suddenly rocked by reports of missing time and...missing persons. Could it be alien abduction? Or is the culprit much closer to home?

Former FBI Agents Daisy Summer and Hunt Malloy agree to put their stormy romantic past behind them in order to investigate the strangest, and funniest case they've ever faced! 

The Mystery Cafe dishes out a hilarious comedy caper, in which you and your table are invited to solve the crime...all while enjoying a delicious 3-course meal.

Upon arrival, you’ll be seated by members of the cast. The show consists of four acts, in between which you’ll be given a course...and a clue. You’ll also be provided with “Mystery Money,” so you can bribe characters for more information.

The clues point to one answer, and a prize is awarded to our “Super Sleuth” winner. We also give prizes for the most...shall we say...“creative” answer. Right or wrong, you’ll be laughing all the way to the solution. You may not crack the case, but you’ll certainly bust a gut!

Cast & Crew