New Works 4 Weeks: Dameun Strange | Marcela Michelle

Presented by Red Eye
Performer stands in pile of props, while another performer plays a musical instrument.
Sliding scale $15-50

2213 Snelling Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404
United States

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Drama, Musical, Dance, Experimental

Red Eye presents the 2024 edition of the New Works 4 Weeks Festival: an annual gathering for inter/anti/transdisciplinary performance that challenges dominant modes of making and viewing. This year’s festival contains a throughline of futurisms, which arose organically from the ten commissioned artists. Bringing together many lineages and approaches, the works call together patterns and portals, ancestors and imagined homelands, compost and clay, liberation and becoming, to imagine how we might be otherwise. 

Each year since the inception of Works-in-Progress in 1983, followed by Isolated Acts in the early 90s, Red Eye supports artists to develop new performance works that cross disciplines of dance, theater, and music, pushing artistic form and interrogating the contemporary world. The cohorts support each other’s work through process sharings and feedback, fostering collaboration and space to take creative risks. Over nearly four decades, this incubator of new work has become a cornerstone of the Twin Cities performance landscape. 

Dameun Strange

O.S.A.G.D. (Of Starlight And Great Distances)


Marcela Michelle


Brandon Anderson Musser: Sound Design, Original Music

Natasha Malmberg: Custom Fabrics

Performed by Emily Gastineau, Pedra Pepa, and Marcela Michelle

Researched and developed by the ensemble with Mads Granlund