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Adia Morris

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May 4, 2016


Adia Morris is a freelance artist and educator who has been a part of the Twin Cities performing arts and entertainment communities for over 10 years. Adia has been incredibly fortunate to be able to work in creative fields since earning her B.A. in Classics (think ancient Greece and Rome, not “Oliver Twist”) from Duke University. Most recently, Adia performed in “To Kill A Mockingbird” at the Guthrie and in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Park Square Theatre, and danced with Karen Charles’ Threads Dance Project in “The Secrets of Slave Songs” for the 2014-2015 season. 

Not only a performer, Adia loves helping others learn - “watching the lightbulb turn on” so to speak - and has taught dance and theatre workshops for Guthrie Theater, Youth Performance Company, and Minneapolis Public Schools, directed local playwright Thomas Poole’s “Robin Hood” for Nova Classical Academy, and choreographs for musical theatre - most recently “Shrek: the Musical” for River City Theater Company, “Twas the Night” for Lakeshore Players, and many productions for Nova Classical Academy. 


Height: 5’11”    Eyes: Dark Brown    Hair: Dark Brown



To Kill A Mockingbird  -  Calpurnia/Ensemble  - Guthrie Theater

A Midsummer Night’s Dream  -  Helena/Snug/Cobweb  -  Park Square Theatre

In the Next Room  -  Elizabeth  -  Jungle Theater

The Odyssey  -  Athena  -  Park Square Theatre

Come Hell and High Water  -  Woman  - The Moving Co

I Make No Promises...  -  Layla  - Trusty Paper Ship

Dance Money Grind  -  Prudence  -  MOV3

Buck the Rider  -  Woman One  -  Thirst Theater

1940s Radio Hour  -  Geneva Lee Browne  -  Theatre L’Homme Dieu

Venus  -  Chorus  -  Frank Theater

Our Town  -  Stage Manager   -  St Croix Valley Summer Theatre

Alice In Wonderland   -  Alice  -  Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre



The Actors WorkOut, Raye Birk, Inst.

Zenon Dance Company and School – Intensive Study Program

Duke University, Durham, NC, B.A. degree in Classics, Minor in Theatre



Horseback riding, choreography/movement coaching, dance (jazz, afro modern, ballet, modern), singing (alto), emergency light board programming and operation


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