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October 1, 2019


Alan is a veteran actor having appeared for over 45 years on stage, in films, on television and in clubs across the country. He received his acting training at the University of Minnesota and was part of the inaugural season of the Indiana Repertory Theatre. While he was studying at the U, he played the lead role in “Borstal Boy”, directed by the Abby Theater’s Tomas MacAnna. During his years in Los Angeles he was Managing Director of Actors Co-op Theatre Company where he appeared in numerous productions including “Becoming Memories”, “Into the Woods”, “Pack of Lies”, and “Light Up The Sky”. Locally, he has appeared in numerous productions at the Old Log Theater including “Everybody Loves Opal”. Alan has also directed numerous award-winning productions including “The 1940’s Radio Hour” for which he received the LA Drama Critic’s Circle Award for direction. He was part of the ensemble of “Beyond the Fringe” directed by Paxton Whitehead at the LA Theater Center and has appeared in numerous television shows including “Night Court”, “The Young & The Restless”, and “ER”. Film appearances include “The Babe”, “Heat Wave”, and “Thin Ice” with Greg Kinear and Alan Arkin. His voice has been used in numerous radio and television commercials as well as animation programs for Hanna-Barbera and “Spiderman” for Fox. When not acting or directing, Alan travels across the country performing his comedy juggling act and had the chance to work with the legendary George Burns.


                                 ALAN JOHNSON

Height: 6 feet           SAG * AFTRA * EQUITY                Hair:    Brown

Weight: 185 lbs.        (612) 759-2375                                        Eyes:   Blue


FILM                                                                      DIRECTOR

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus                               Timothy P. Mahoney

Sweet Corn                                                           Jonathan Nowak

Thin Ice (formerly The Convincer)          Jill Sprecher (Sundance 2011)

Profile of a Killer                                                   Caspian Tredwell-Owen

The Babe                                                              Arthur Hiller

Heat Wave                                                            Kevin Hooks

Far North                                                               Sam Shepard

Buy & Cell                                                             Robert Boris

Cop                                                                       James Harris

Steele Justice                                                       Robert Boris

Come The Morning                                              Michael Sajbel



Jay Jay, The Jet Plane                                        Hugh Martin

ER                                                                       NBC

The Last Chance Detectives                               Bob Vernon

True Colors                                                         Rob Schiller

Marilyn & Me (MOW)                                          John Patterson

People Like Us (Mini-Series)                              Billy Hale

Night Court (several episodes)           Jeff Melman/Jim Drake

Throb                                                                  Phil Ramuno

General Hospital                                                 ABC Productions

The Young & The Restless                                 Frank Pacelli


THEATRE (**Indicates "Critic's Choice")

Everybody Loves Opal                The Doctor                     Old Log Theater

The Elves And The Shoemaker  The Shoemaker             Old Log Theater

Charlotte’s Web                           Lurvy                             Old Log Theater

MN State Capitol 100th Anniversary    Cass Gilbert         Ridgeway International

Light Up The Sky**                      Carlton Fitzgerald         Actors Co-op (Los Angeles)

Tartuffe                  Tartuffe (Drama-Logue Award)          Actors Co-op/L.A.

Into The Woods**  Baker (Drama-Logue Award)             Actors Co-op/L.A.

Pack Of Lies**(Critic's Choice) Bob Jackson                   Actors Co-op/L.A.

Becoming Memories**  Oscar (2 D-L Awards)                 Actors Co-op/L.A.

Beyond The Fringe (LATC)       Understudy                     Paxton Whitehead (Director)

Othello                                 Iago                                      Paul Bunyan Playhouse

Scapin                                 Leandre                                Indiana Repertory Theatre

Charley's Aunt                     Charley                                Indiana Repertory Theatre

Borstal Boy                          Brendan Behan                   Tomas MacAnna (Director)


Guys and Dolls       Drama-Logue Award                        Crossley Theatre/L.A.

The 1940's Radio Hour (L.A. Drama Critics’ Circle Award)     Crossley Theatre/L.A

Tomorrow's Monday         Drama-Logue Award              Crossley Theatre/L.A.

A Christmas Carol   Recommended, LA Times               Crossley Theatre/L.A.


BFA Acting:  University of Minnesota.   Voice: Dr. Dean Verhines, H. Wesley Balk, Edward V. Foreman.

Dance/Movement: Robert Moulton, Minnesota Dance Theatre.  Improvisational Comedy: Jeannie Berlin.


Juggler/Comedian: professional nightclub act, unicycle. Music: trumpet, guitar. Sports: tennis, ping pong, billiards, volleyball. Vocal Range: lyric baritone.  Emcee/Spokesman (trade & industrial shows): proficient with "the ear." Tape Available

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