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Ali Daniels

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January 17, 2019


GOODNIGHT DESDEMONA, GOOD MORNING JULIET - Juliet/Jill - Lakeshore Players Theatre
THE RELUCTANT DRAGON - Peter (the boy) - Old Log Theatre
SASQUATCHED! THE MUSICAL- Pat the Park Ranger Imagined Theatre
SANS MERCI- Tracy Gadfly Theatre
ANOTHER TOTALLY F*CKED CHRISTMAS- Ensemble/Cindy Lou Who Silver Slipper Productions
THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK- Anne Frank Yellow Tree Theatre (Dir. Jon Cranney)

"Ali Daniels, who plays the role of Anne Frank, was superb. She looked and acted the part very well. Although she is a college grad, there was a moment when she was sitting on her father's lap that I truly believed she was just 13 years old. Her playful demeanour, bright smile, and pesky personality (of a young kid) made her truly take the form of Anne." - Bartley Stratton, of The PlayBillCollector

"The star of the show is Ali Daniels as Anne Frank. As my friend The Playbill Collector noted, for a college graduate she's a very believable teenager (and she looks a little like a young Judy Garland in braids). Spirited and wide-eyed, but with the wisdom of a child, she successfully conveys Anne's essence, both in conversation with others and in reciting passages from Anne's diary. I was reminded of the History Theater's Coco's Diary this spring, although obviously Anne had a much more difficult life than Coco. But both are insightful observations of the world around them." -Cherry and Spoon

CHRISTOPHER STREET: A NEW MUSICAL (Fringe 2012 Submission)- Sally (lead) Silver Slipper Productions
POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE (World Premiere by Immanuel Elliott and L.B. Fitz)- Piper (lead) Gadfly Theatre
Regular featured performer on the Kenny Kiser Show Old Arizona
ECHOBELL- Always Listening Blank Slate Theatre (Dir. Jeff Nichols)
THE FANTASTICKS- The Mute (u/s Louisa) Eat Street Players (Dir. Michael Sheeks)
BOX OFFICE: A HISTORY- Customer 2 (lead) Bryant Lake Bowl (Dir. Ellen Conn)
SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE- Louise Univ. of WI-Stevens Point(Dir. Tim Howard)
DOG SEES GOD- CB’s Sister (lead) Univ. of WI-Stevens Point
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW- Merchant Univ. of WI-Stevens Point(Dir. Matthew Crider)
WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?- Honey Central WI Comm. Theatre
JULIUS CAESAR- Dardanius, et al. Univ. of WI-Stevens Point(Dir. Steve Trovillion Smith)
INTO THE WOODS- Little Red Riding Hood Waupaca Comm. Theatre
40 DAYS(World Premiere by Laura Eason)- Featured Ensemble Univ. of WI-Stevens Point (Dir. Tyler Marchant)
THE HAPPY PRINCE (Staged Reading)- Mariette Univ. of WI-Stevens Point (Dir. Tim Howard)
THE CRUCIBLE- Abigail Williams Central WI Comm. Theatre
HILLTOP HARMONY- Bo Peep, et al. American Entertainment Productions
IMAGINATION- Peter Pan, et al. American Entertainment Productions

AISLE 5 (Seasons one and two- Claire Harrison (lead) Murphy’s Law Productions

iForward- Charter Communications
Glam Doll- Zach Pirolli Training
Video for Regency Hair Salon- The Wilderness
North Dakota State College of Science- Flint Communications
Book promotion for David Schultz's POLITAINMENT- Aggravated Girlfriend Thibodaux Productions

BFA Musical Theatre Degree- University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point (2011)

BFA Musical Theatre Degree from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point (2011)  NYC Senior Showcase: Tim Howard and Tyler Marchant
 Voice: Tim Howard, Stephen Sheftz, Holly Jackson
 Musical Theatre Lab: Tim Howard, Roger L. Nelson
 Speech, IPA, Suzuki, Dialects and Clown: Matthew Crider
 Meisner, Shakespeare/Classical and Improv: Stephen Trovillion Smith
 Contemporary Theatre, Stanislavski and Chekhov: Tyler Marchant 
 Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre Dance: Jeannie Hill
 Modern: Michael Estanich
 Ballet: Pamela Luedtke
 Masterclasses: Jason Robert Brown, Andrea Burns, Jennifer Rudin, Michelle Pawk, Michael McCoy, Dave Clemmons, Mark Simon, Tom Berklund, Melissa Hart

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