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Alicia Ehleringer

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January 16, 2020


There are two things I am certain about. One, our children are the future and they are essential to making an impact. Two, the theatre has the capability to influence communities everywhere. These are the beliefs that motivate me to pursue a career in the arts, so I can make a difference in communities by influencing the world's children.

As an actor, I've seen theatre give a voice to the voiceless. It encourages conversation about mental health, resiliency, and social change. It captivates audiences and makes them walk our of the theatre feeling something new. It is for these reasons that I continue my education in theatre and I find new ways to take what I have learned back to the children. I have done this by creating summer theatre camps, competitive speech coaching, and extensive children's programming experience.

I'm Alicia Ehleringer and I am driven to change communities through theatre.