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EXPERIENCE -- Theatrical

Perfect Arrangement - Kitty Sunderson - Theatre in the Round

Clue - The Cook - Zephyr Theatre

As You Like It - Audrey - Zephyr Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing - Sybil (Conrade) - Zephyr Theatre

Mystery on the Mississippi - Holly - Fearless Comedy Productions

Black Comedy - Miss Furnival - Theatre in the Round

Witness for the Prosecution - Romaine - Lex-Ham Theater

The Riddle of the Mummy - Dr. Lisa Frankenstein - Fearless Comedy Productions

Caucasian-Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales - multiple roles - Fearless Comedy Productions and Chameleon Theatre Circle

The Basset Table - Lady Lucy - Persistent Theatre

Emma - Miss Bates - Theatre in the Round

The Tragedy of Obi-Wan Kenobi - C3PO - Headcanon

Henry V - multiple roles - Cromulent Shakespeare Company

My Life Through History - Beth - Freshwater Theatre

Murder on the Nile - Christina Grant - Theatre in the Round

Throne of Swords - Lady M - MN Renaissance Festival

The Non-Producers - Weird Sister One - Trompe L'Oeil

Sense and Sensibility - Charlotte Palmer - Theatre in the Round

Unscripted Theater Experience - Improv, assorted roles - Shadow Horse Theatre

To Kill a Mockingbird - Essential - Guthrie Theater

Ministry of Ideas - Raquel - Schmidt Ellie Says

The Hunting of the Snark - The Bellman - Maximum Verbosity

The First Man - Emily Jayson - Lex-Ham Theater

Julius Caesar - Mark Antony - Shakespeare & Company

The Bourgeois Gentleman - Master of Philosophy - Shakespeare & Company

Ravenscroft - Mrs. Ravenscroft - Phrenic Impact Theater

Hamlet/Fortinbras - Queen Gertrude - Phrenic Impact Theater

The Dinner Detective - Assorted roles (improv) - The Dinner Detective, Inc

Appointment With Death - Nadine Boynton - Theatre in the Round

Treasure Island - George Merry - Theatre in the Round

All’s Well that Ends Well - Marianna - Theatre in the Round

On the Differences Between Two Ladies and the Resolution Thereof - Princess Pauline - Fell Down the Stairs

Heaven Can Wait - Julia Farnsworth - Lyric Arts Main Street Stage

Our Town - Mrs. Julia Gibbs - Park Theater Company

A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Hermia - Theatre Terra Firma

And Then There Were None - Emily Brent - Bloomington Gallery Players

Little Vines - Annie - I Can’t Believe It’s Not Beckett

A Little Bit of Vegas - Joyce - Offspring Theatre Company

Dirty Work at the Crossroads - Leonie Asterbilt - Bloomington Gallery Players

Dracula: The Case of the Silver Scream - Nurse Westfall - Bloomington Gallery Players

Waiting for Lefty - Dr. Benjamin - Earth & District Theatre Co.

Jack and the Beanstalk - Fee Isaac - Stages Theater Company

Mother Goose - Pre-show Improv - Stages Theater Company

Little Red Riding Hood & the Three Pigs - Wooden House Pig - Stages Theater Company