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Carrie Jackling

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March 8, 2020


Carrie has portrayed main roles in Annie, Oliver, and The Sound of Music. More recently, she has sang and danced in ensembles for The Wizard of Oz and The Addams Family Musical. She is a current member of EarthSounds Choir, directed by Ariella Forstein.

Her training is primarily through classes at The Guthrie Theater such as Theater Basics with Suzanne Warmanen, Physical Approaches with Seth Bockley, and Voice and Speech with Mira Kehoe. She has studied improvisation with Jim DeSimone and acting basics with Twin Cities based director, Mary Cutler. 

As a daytime accountant, travel advisor and part time yoga teacher, Carrie deals in all things versatile. When she's not peacefully sitting in meditation, you can find her kayaking in Iceland or racing in a summer trail run. She cries easily and laughs even more easily. She's been described as an easy going, free spirit.