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September 9, 2019

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Catherine Hansen is an actress, writer, and producer. Visit her imdb page:

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October-November 2019 - playing a Creep in the Haunted Basement 



Frank's List - Becks - Hey Rube Productions/Marcus Anthony

Garbage Boy (for Z-Fest) - Four-Eyes - directed by Corban Noah

Demon With the Atomic Brain - Agatha - Saint Euphoria Pictures/Christopher R. Mihm

Lava Sex (music video) - Isa - Strange and Distant Pictures/Mercies May

Confessions - Nicole - MCTC Capstone Film/Dakota Evans

Called You Queen (music video) - Mother - Director: Torey Hanson

National American University (commercial) - Featured Extra - DV-ENT Artist Group/Brian Kerr

The Horror - Emma Otten - Storm Forge Entertainment/Ellery Scott and Wayne H. Johnson

The Dive - Woman - Revolver/Marcus Anthony

The Late Night Double Feature - Martha/The Witch - Saint Euphoria Pictures/Christopher R. Mihm

Anoka Hennepin Training Video - CLIMB Theatre/Buffy Sedlachek

Death to Prom - Holly - Honeychurch & Associates/Matthew Edward Stenerson and Jeremy Wilker

House of Ghosts - Mary - Saint Euphoria Pictures/Christopher R. Mihm

Profile of a Killer - Hooker - Statue of David LLC/Caspian Tredwell-Owen

Coming Out and Ask Me Anything (Teen Health Projects) - Taylor - University of Minnesota/Paul Bernhardt 

Destination:Outer Space - Yureena Null - Saint Euphoria Pictures/Christopher R. Mihm

Health Freaks - Laurie - Ransom Pictures/Jack Beranek


Chocolate Covered Chicken Wings - Writer, Producer - Paradox Productions/Aidan Jhane Gallivan
*Winner of the 2019 MN Fringe Festival Golden Lanyard Award Venue Pick for Augsburg Studio

Aileen - Arlene, Ensemble - Rukus Productions/Grace Barnstead

The Haunting of Hill House - Eleanor - TheatreX/Joe Hendren

Wild Weekend - Mandy - Smartmouth Comedy/Jenna Pulkrabek

The Sleepover Club - Paige - Cashmi Productions/Mike Mayket

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Second Verdict - Melanie Rydell - The Vintage Players of St. Paul/Larry Ripp

Hand-Picked - Casey - Theatre Unchecked/Marisa Tejeda and Sulia Altenberg

Saucer Con: Us And Them For A Better Future - Co-writer/Co-producer/Actor - Experimental Theater Lab and Paradox Productions/Megan Clark, Gwethalyn Williams

Your Princess is in Another Lair - The Reader - Gadfly Theatre/Denzel Belin

Getting to Ellen - Ensemble - BOOM! Theater/Patrick Kozicky

Hamluke - Opheleia and Gertrudala - Dana's Boys/Brad Erickson

Hennepin Avenue Nightmares - Co-producer/Writer/Director/Actor - Ghoulish Delights and Paradox Productions

Don't Let Them See You Cry: The Failures and Successes (But Mostly Failures) of Daisy Kay McChubbins - Psycho Phreak - Bahr None Entertainment

The Saved by the Bell Show - Kelly - Dana's Boys/Brad Erickson

A Kind of Love Story - Shadow Horse Theatre

Grimm for Kids - Shadow Horse Theatre

The Scooby Doo Show - Velma - Dana's Boys/Brad Erickson

JAWS the Musical! - various roles - The Monday Night Comedy Show/Jason Kruger

Yellow Kings and Darker Things - Constance - Maximum Verbosity/Tim Uren

The Final Kiss (Three Ring Terror) - Jeanne - Crawling Eye Theater/Joe Hendren

Tangle - Ensemble - Bedlam Theatre 10 Minute Play Festival/Lelis Brito

The Balcony - Carmen - Nightpath Theatre/Maggie Scanlan

Dulcitius (Girls Got Pluck) - Irena - Theatre Unbound/Virginia Krubsack

Harvey - Betty Chumley - Theatre L’Homme Dieu/Jack Reuler


Scene Study class with In The Moment Actor Studio (Cynthia Uhrich)

On Camera Workshop (Michelle Hutchison)

Commercial Class (John Gamoke)

BA in Theatre/Film Minor


dance, vocal, gymnastics, improv, sketch comedy writing

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