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Christy Johnson

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February 3, 2020
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  • Actor
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THE PRODUCERS                      Ensemble                 Lakeshore Players                          Joe LaForte

FLIGHT                                        Supernumerary         Minnesota Opera                            David Toro

THE PENELOPIAD                      Laertes/Suitor 3       Theatre Unbound                            Julie Phillips

ESCAPE THIS                              Marla                       TheatreX                                        Joe Hendren   

MARY POPPINS                          Northbrook/Ens        Lakeshore Players                         Natalie Novacek

HAIR THE MUSICAL                   Dionne u/s/Tribe      Theatre 55                                      Richard Hitchler

REVOLT OF THE BEAVERS        Barkless Beaver       Say It Loud Productions               Shannan Twohy

THOR: JURASSIC PARK              Falcon                      Access Theatre Productions        Mark Monfils

THE KNIGHTS OF GLEN…         Queen                      Gadfly                                            Diana Fitzwater

SPONTANEOUS HUMAN…       Presenter                 Eagan Theatre Company               Justin Cervantes

THE ELEVENTH CHAPTER        Kennedy                  Little Life Boats                              Kate Bussert

SEUSSICAL                                   Sour Kangaroo        Eden Prairie Players                    Matthew Kraft

AUDITION FOR MURDER          Marcy                      Eagan Theater Company               Taylor Jensen

JEKYLL AND HYDE                    Nellie                       The Play’s the Thing                      Dayna Railton

DROOD                                        Flo/Ensemble          Lakeshore Players                         Paul Reyburn

A WINTER’S TAIL                        Sally                         Lakeshore Players                        Matthew Hertz

BIG RIVER                                    Alice                        Lakeshore Players                        Paul Reyburn

COLLEGE PREP                           Morgan                    Dreamland Arts                            LatWanna Williams

THE MUSIC MAN                        Pick A Little Lady    Eat Street Players                           Michael Sheeks

BURIAL AT THEBES                    Essential                  Guthrie                                          Marcela Lorca

MACBETH                                    Third Witch              MASC                                            Marcie Anderson

MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR    Peter Simple            MASC                                            Justin Helmer

ROMEO AND JULIET                  Nurse                         MASC                                            Justin Helmer

BLITHE SPIRIT                             Violet Bradman       SMSU                                                 Jayna Gerheart

DOUBT                                         Mrs. Mueller            SMSU                                                  Sean Byrd

THE SHAPE OF THINGS             Jenny                       Southwest State University                                                      Marcie Anderson

MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM Tom Snout               Southwest State University                                                      Nadine Schmidt

SCOTLAND ROADS                    Frances Kittle           Southwest State University                                                      Nissa Nordland

SECRET GARDEN                        Ensemble                 Southwest State University                                                      Sheila Tabaka

FENCES                                        Rose                         Southwest State University                                                      Sheila Tabaka





THUNDERBIRD: WEB SERIES     Elaine                       Carbon City Cinema                                                      Jesse Dvorak

ALL SUSPECTS                             Stephanie                  Esteem Pictures                                                       Neba Ambe





       BA THEATRE completed May 2011

Studied include: Acting, Voice/ Speech (dialects: British, Southern), Singing, Camera Acting.


Improvisation, Dialect (Traditional British, Cockney, Southern), Stage Combat, Singing, Dance (ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical), Guitar, Flute, Piano