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Clare Boyd

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May 1, 2020

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Clare Boyd is a graduate of Mary Baldwin University's Shakespeare & Performance MFA program and of The University of Texas at Arlington's Theater Arts BFA acting program. Favorite recent roles include The Nurse in Romeo & Juliet with the Prague Shakespeare Company and, with The Motley Shakespeare Players in Staunton VA, Celia in As You Like It and Gower/Diana in Pericles.


Clare Boyd[email protected]

Hair: Brown    Eyes: Brown   Height: 5’10”   Vocal Range: Soprano, C3-A5

Selected Roles

The Merry Wives...    Mistress Page    Classical Actor's Ensemble, MN    Joseph Papke

Pericles     Gower/Diana     Motley Shakespeare Players, VA     Vanessa Morosco

Knight…Pestle     Humphrey     Motley Shakespeare Players, VA     Ensemble directed

As You Like It     Celia     Motley Shakespeare Players, VA     Elizabeth Bernardo

The Winter’s Tale      Polixenes, Dion     Motley Shakes. Players, VA     Nick Ciavarra

Romeo & Juliet     The Nurse     Prague Shakespeare Company     Steve Urkowitz

The Spanish Tragedy      Balthazar, Horatio     Motley Shakes. Players     Chad Marriott         

Love’s Labours Lost      Maria, feat. vocalist      Compass Shakes. Ensemble, VA       Ensemble direct.

Sleeping Beauty        Maleficent the Evil Fairy     Mary Baldwin U. Shakes. & Perf.      Elizabeth Bernardo

Everyman     God, Goods, Discretion     MBU Shakespeare & Performance           Chad Marriott

Macbeth       Witch     MBU Shakes. & Performance     Matt Davies/Doreen Bechtol

Sejanus, His Fall     Agrippina     Am. Shakesp. Center, staged reading       Justine Mackey       

She Stoops to Conquer    The Landlady     City Theatre, TX     Andy Berkovsky     

Inherit the Wind     Mrs. Blair, feat. vocalist      City Theatre, TX     Perry Crafton

Book of Days     Sharon Bates      University of TX, Arlington        Dennis Maher

Working     Sharon Atkins     Theatre Arlington, TX        B.J. Cleveland        

Urinetown     Ethel      University of TX, Arlington     Andrew Gaupp                     


MFA, Shakespeare & Performance, acting focus                               Mary Baldwin University, VA

Master of Letters (MLitt) Shakespeare & Performance                      Mary Baldwin University, VA

BFA, acting focus                                                                           University of Texas, Arlington

Acting/Voice: Matt Davies, Doreen Bechtol, Lisa Wolpe, 

John Harrell, Jim Johnson & Carolyn Johnson, Linda Gates                

Chekhov technique: Joe Chapa, Kiara Pipino    Viewpoints & devised theatre: Doreen Bechtol              

Original Pronunciation: David Crystal & Ben Crystal                    Neutral Mask: Julie Fishell

Linklater vocal technique: Allison Glenzer, Linda Bisesti             Clown: Rupesh Tillu

Stage Combat: J.P. Schiedler, Joe Chapa  (basics in broadsword, quarterstaff, hand-to-hand)

Special Skills

Reads music; good ear for harmony and dialect; British RP and OP dialects; experience in choral and solo singing; experience in devised and immersive theater, theater for young audiences, outdoor theater, repertory theater, audience contact and early modern staging conditions; costume design and construction;  

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