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Danielle Krivinchuk

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June 5, 2021


Danielle Krivinchuk is a Wisconsin born and bred actor, who nurtured her craft at Hamline University and the National Theatre Institute. Since joining the acting scene in the Twin Cities, she has worked with Theatre Unbound, Lyric Arts, Raw Sugar Theatre Company, Chameleon Theatre Circle, Kistmet Kreative, Freshwater Theatre Company, 20% Theatre Company, Chain Reaction, Six elements, Workhouse, and has also performed in the Twin Cities Fringe Festival multiple times. She has started exploring the film world through short films and other projects. She was a member of the Actor's Workout where she honed her craft under the teachings of Raye Birk. She recentely returned to Minnesota after attaining a  Master's degree in Classical and Contemporary Text, Acting, at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 


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Shades of Living




Shades of Living One Woman Show, created and performed by Danielle at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Phoenix Theater

24hr Extreme Theatre Smackdown (2015,16, 19) Chatty La Rue  Theatre Unbound

The Arsonists Anna Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Titus Andronicus Multiple Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Bard in the Botanics

Scenes from Twelth Night Sir Toby Belch Shakespeare's Globe

Silent Sky Annie Cannon Lyric Arts 

Arcardia Jellaby Chameleon Theatre Circle 

The Oresteia Athena  Hero Now Theatre Co. 

Eastern Standard  Ellen  Workhouse Theatre Co.

Seven  Mukhtar   Chain Reaction Theatre Co.

Our Country's Good  Duckling  Starting Gate Theatre Co.

Synchronicity  Olive  Girl Shorts: Raw Sugar

Betty's Summer Vacation  Voice #2  Chameleon Theatre Circle

Workshop  Rachel  Aethem Theatre Company 

Ministry of Ideas  Roxey  Schmidt Ellie Says 

English Made Simple  Jill  Kismet Kreative LLC

1 Minute Play Festival Multiple Walking Shadow Theatre Co.

Orpheus Descending  Nurse Porter  Six Elements Theatre Co.

Anon  Mary  20% Theatre Co.

Reunion for Revenge  Kim  Actors & Artist Co-op

Much Ado About Nothing  Ursula/Antonio  Six Elements Theatre Co.

Before You Speak  Sheriff Collins  Freshwater Theatre Co.

Brittle Things  Alison  Tangleroot Endeavors 

Captain Do Good Saves the Future  Emma Comedy Comics

Choices  Ensemble  Chain Reaction Theatre Project


Meet Cute  Alice  Seat of Our Pants Productions

In Winter  Girl at Truck Stop  Hypothermia Films


MA Classical and Contemporary Text- Acting, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Actors Workout- Guthrie Raye Birk

Acting for the Camera- Barbara Shelton, Jason Buyer

Stage Combat- David Chandler

Lacoq Movement- Mark Saunders

Drosnin Movement- Rachel Jett

Movement-Gabrielle Moleta

Voice- Yvonne Morley

Nadine George Voice work-Mel Drake 

Crisis Actor, Dance (jazz, modern, ballroom, hip-hop, historical), Drawing, Master of Ceremonies, Accent Equipped, New Writing Development 

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