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Deb Haas

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April 5, 2018

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Just completed a run as Lady Blance in The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company's (GSVLOC.org) steampunk-themed run of "Princess Ida".

PhenoMNal Twin Cities said: "A few performers who stunned were Scott Benson (King Gama), Deb Haas (Lady Blanche), and Kara Morgan (Melissa, Lady Blanche’s daughter). The latter two had a duet (“Now wouldn’t you like to rule the roast”) which in my opinion was the best number of the night. In addition, they delivered sublime singing and solid comedic acting in all of their other scenes as well."


Deb Haas in "Princess Ida"

The Grand Duke - The Baroness Scenes

Iolanthe - The Fairy Queen Scenes