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Denise Baker

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April 26, 2016


I am an Actor, Director and Choreographer in the Minneapolis area with a positive energetic personality, and great sense of humor.

I was raised by a family of educators in Southern Minnesota. Encouraged to follow my dreams I began my professional career as a dancer and ran a successful dance company for many years. My background allows me to be a versatile actor with a wide range of emotion and honesty that translates well onto stage and screne. I have played many roles; doctor, businesswoman, hard-nosed detective, scientist, mom, villain, wife, eccentric aunt, nurse, and queen.

Besides being an actor, director and dancer I offer additional dimension as a Martial Artist, Archer, Hiker, and motorcycle enthusiast. I have also been the owner of a chapter S corporation which makes me just as confortable in a pair of heels as I am in hiking boots. I invite you to take a look at these pages and see for yourself my talents and versatility.