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Elizabeth Cassidy

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August 8, 2018

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Current: Female Swing with Artistry Theater  in Legally Blonde

Up Next: Female Swing with Artistry Theater in Mary Poppins



Elizabeth is a musical theater actress, model, and teaching artist located in the twin cities. She is a talent at Agency Models and Talents and currently plays the host, Melissa Missiles, in the new political satire The Zog: An Alien Invasion.   

     Elizabeth graduated from the College of Saint Benedict in May 2017, where she earned a theater degree with All College Honors. She served as the drama club president for 2 years, was a member of the on campus auditioned improv troupe for her entire college career, and was the first of her Alma Mater to be honored as a semifinalist for the Kennedy Center's American College Theater Festival. For her senior project, she became the first person, aside from the playwright, Amy Oestreicher, to perform the one-woman musical Gutless & Grateful. After attending the performances, Amy wrote a beautiful article about the production: "Why I Flew to Minnesota".  

     Since graduation, she has enjoyed working as an actress with Lyric ArtsLittle Lifeboats Theater, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and in select film projects in the area. As a firm believer that one can always improve their craft, Elizabeth currently takes advanced ballet classes with the Saint Paul Ballet and is taking piano lessons. She will be earning certifications in single sword and unarmed stage combat through MN Stage Combat and learning about the art of puppetry this coming summer. She has also taught children's dance and acting classes for Mayer Arts and Lyric Arts.   

     Elizabeth is known among her friends for her optimism and bubbly personality, her constant singing, her passion for working with children, and her extreme love of Disney.