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Elizabeth Cassidy

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May 1, 2020

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Current: Performer for Lakeshore Players Quarantine Cabaret

Up Next: Haughty High Table at Fistories Theater


Elizabeth is a musical theater actor in the twin cities. She also works as a choreographer, teaching artist and model. Elizabeth has worked at Guthrie Theater, Artistry, Seasons Dinner Theater, Little Lifeboats Theater, Lyric Arts, Lakeshore Players Theater, and the Minnesota Renaissance Fesitval.

Elizabeth has been certified in multiple stage combat disciplines. She currently holds a certification in Rapier and Dagger along with a certification with recommendation in Knife. She is working to earn her unarmed certification through Art in Arms, in order to become a Stage Combatant. 

     Elizabeth graduated from the College of Saint Benedict in May 2017, where she earned a theater and mathematics degree with All College Honors. She served as the drama club president for 2 years, was a member of the on campus auditioned improv troupe for her entire college career, and was the first of her Alma Mater to be honored as a semifinalist for the Kennedy Center's American College Theater Festival. For her senior project, she became the first person, aside from the playwright, Amy Oestreicher, to perform the one-woman musical Gutless & Grateful. After attending the performances, Amy wrote a beautiful article about the production: "Why I Flew to Minnesota".