Emily Dussault

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March 3, 2021
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Friday 7/30
at 7:30 pm



Dial M for Murder (Margot Wendice) | Gremlin Theatre, dir. Brian Columbus

Blood Nocturne (Erzébet Báthory) | Winding Sheet Outift, dir. Amber Bjork

From Ava To Eternity (Nancy Sinatra) | Sidekick Theatre, dir. Raye Birk

The Last Bombardment (Ensemble) | Oncoming Productions, dir. Sean Dillon

The Awakening (Edna Pontellier) | Savage Umbrella, dir. Laura Leffler-McCabe

105 Proof (Jody/Sally) | Translatlantic Love Affair, dir. Diogo Lopes

Penelope (Penelope) | Savage Umbrella, dir. Laura Leffler-McCabe

Blithe Spirit (Elvira) | Artistry, dir. Ellen Fenster

June (Mae) | Savage Umbrella, dir. Hannah Holman

Pretty Girls Make Graves (Carla) | Loudmouth Collective, dir. Natalie Novacek

Skin Deep Sea (Felicity) | Workhaus Collective, dir. Alan Berks

1984 (Party Member 2) | Theatre Pro Rata, dir. Carin Bratlie

Disenchanted (Sleeping Beauty) | Casting Spells Productions/Theatre L'Homme Dieu

Elephant's Graveyard (Ballet Girl) |  Theatre Pro Rata, dir. Amber Bjork

Les Miserables (Ensemble) | Bloomington Civic Theatre, dir. Karen Weber

Rain Follows the Plow (Clara) | Savage Umbrella, dir. Laura Leffler-McCabe

Sunday in the Park With George (Betty/Frieda) | Bloomington Civic Theatre, dir. Karen Weber

Independence (Jo) | Theatre in the Round, dir. Leah Cooper

The Ravagers (Arcadia) | Savage Umbrella, dir. Blake Bolan

Bus Stop (Elma) | Theatre In The Round, dir. Rob Goudy

Come Hell Or High Water (Chorus) | The Moving Company, dir. Dominique Serrand

No Exit (Estelle) | Gonzo Group Theatre, dir. Luke Weber

EDUCATION BA in Theatre Arts, Coe College (acting emphasis) TRAINING Goldsmiths University in London, Steven Dykes; Bova Workshop; Actor's Workout Voice: Private Lessons-- Liz Grefsheim (classical, musical theatre) Coe College-- Margie Marrs (classical, opera, Alexander Technique) Goldsmiths University-- Laura Zakian (pop, jazz, musical theatre)