Emily Garst

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May 10, 2020


Emily Garst is an actor and vocalist located in the Twin Cities. An Iowa native, she studied theatre and music at Luther College. 


Silent Sky*  //  Henrietta Swan Leavitt  //  St. Croix Festival Theatre (Traci Ledford)

The Two Gentlemen of Verona  //  Julia/Outlaw  //  Hypnic Jerk Theatre (Kari Steinbach)

The Mikado (Directed by Rick Shiomi)  //  Soprano  //  The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Co. 

Miracle on 34th Street  //  Shellhammer/Mara  //  St. Croix Festival Theatre (Jason Richards)

Bits & Bobs  //  Ensemble  //  MN Fringe Festival  |  Trompe L'oeil (Kevin Bowen)

The Underpants  //  Louise Maske  //  Lakeshore Players Theatre (Ben Ratkowski)

1776  //  Abigail Adams/McNair  //  St. Croix Festival Theatre (Seth Kaltwasser)

*Upcoming Production

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