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Erik Hoover

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May 11, 2021


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Combustible Company: The Imaginary Invalid (Argan), Bluebeard's Dollhouse (Torvald), Herocycle (Robert Knievel)

History Theatre: Complicated Fun (Byron, Cop)

Theatre Pro Rata: The Woodsman (as Director), The Spanish Tragedy (Andrea, Movement Coach), The Life of Galileo (Federzoni, Movement Coach), Metamorphoses (Movement Coach)

We Theatre: The Shadow War (Lee Mayevski)

Wonderlust Productions: Veterans' Play Project (Sgt Peterson, Sgt Wolf)

Walking Shadow: Compleat Female Stage Beauty (Charles II), Drakul (Quincey Morris), Amazons & Their Men (The Man)

Ten Thousand Things: Vasa Lisa (as Assistant Director)

Sandbox Theatre: The Mad Trapper (Riddell, Bush Man), What Remains (Erik)

Paul Bunyan Playhouse: A Midsummer Nights' Dream (Demetrius/Flute/Mustardseed & Movement Coach)

Stages Theater Company: Holes (Mr Sir)

Classical Actors' Ensemble: 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (Giovanni), The Complete Sonnets Festival (as Director)

Theatre Novi Most: The Oldest Story in the World (Gilgamesh)

Park Square Theatre: Othello (Messenger, Soldier)

Killing Joke Productions/MN Fringe: The Dumb Waiter (Ben)

Burning House Group: What the Butler Saw (Nick)

Red Eye: The Internationalist (Nicol)

Margolis-Brown Adaptor Company: The Human Show, American Safari, Sleepwalkers


The Stranger (Bird's Eye Vue Productions)

A Method Supporting (Killing Joke Productions)

Northwoods Supporting (Rank & File Media)

Looking Past You Supporting (dir Jennifer Kramer)

Ex Post Somnio Supporting (Hey We Tried Productions)

The Mooker Supporting (Pommelhorse Productions)


In An Instant (ABC)

EDUCATION BA (Theater Arts), University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)


Movement: Margolis MethodTraining Center (Kari Margolis, Kym Longhi)

Combat (Knife, Broadsword, Katana, Small Sword/Rapier): Don Preston, Mary Karcz

Martial Arts (Black Belt): Running Tiger Shaolin Kenpo


Superior Performance, Lavender Magazine (2013)

Ivey Award for Overall Excellence - Compleat Female Stage Beauty (2012)

Outstanding Performance, Minnesota Playlist Magazine (2011)

Extraordinary Performance, Lavender Magazine (2010)




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