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April 23, 2022

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Such a gift to be back on stage! Enjoying working with Lyric and Sidekick Theatre - Apr 2022

I am OUT of the COVID holding pattern, and gleefuly auditioning with fervor!  - July 2021


Some call me a **character.**  My favorite recent role was Martha in Jesica Lind Peterson's "Miracle on Christmas Lake."  With my "rubber face," I drift toward evil/weird/ and zany characters that give me permission to let it all hang out! 

I grew up in rural MN, and spent the past 15 years out of state.  Time away afforded me opportunities to do two shows in NYC, work with the Arundel Barn Playhouse (Maine), Blue Gate Theatre (Indiana), Reagle Music Theatre (Massachusetts), National Theatre for Children, as well as voiceover/commercial/film work in Boston and NYC.  In 2014, was seen in the ABC prime time mini-series, In An Instant (S1, Ep 2). 

Since relocating to Mpls/St.Paul (2018), I have had debut performances at Lyric Arts, Sidekick Theatre, St. Croix Offbroadway (RIP), Actors Theatre of MN and of course the Fringe!  I am excited to join the Twin Cities theatre community!


Mono: Good Vibrations

Song: Better

Fjaere Harder Crest Commercial


BA in Music, Vocal Performance from Goshen College (2008)

MSW from University of Wisconsin-Madison (2018)


Little Women, Marmee                                              Dir.  Elena Giannetti                      Lyric Arts

Robin Hood & Elves                                                   Dir. Tim Stoltz/Brian Pekol         Sidekick Theatre

Miracle on Christmas Lake, Martha                             Dir. John Haynes                   Actors Theatre of MN

The Outsiders, Rachel                  Dir. Jim Zimmerman                  St. Croix Off-Broadway DT

Bank Robber, Banker                              Dir. Maurice Herzig                  MN Fringe Festival 2019

Captain Wattage,Vivica Voltage     Dir. Nate Metcalf                  National Theatre for Children

Don’t Dress for Dinner, Suzette                              Dir. Don Hodgins            Fanny Hill Theatre

Cinderella, Stepmother                  Dir. Dan Gaouette                  Arundel Barn Playhouse

White Christmas, Betty                              Dir. Dewayne Barrett                  Arundel Barn Playhouse Beyond the Rainbow, Hedda Hopper      Dir. Gary John LaRosa      Arundel Barn Playhouse 

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Usherette                  Dir. Brian Swasy                    Arundel Barn Playhouse

Dog Logs, Sherlock                                                         NYC Roy Arias Theatre

Everybody Wants Me, Julia                                                                  NYC Strawberry Festival

Oklahoma!, Laurey                               Dir. Steve Black                      Marblehead Little Theatre    The Music Man, Mrs. Squires                    Dir. Bob Freschi             Reagle Music Theatre

The Confession, Rosie                                                                  Blue Gate Theatre

Grease, Rizzo                                                                            Neverland Theatre

Lysistrata, Myrrhine                                                      New World Arts

The Marriage of Figaro, Susanna                                                      Goshen College

Children of Eden, Eve                                                                  Hesston College

Bye, Bye Birdie!, Mae Peterson                                                      Mt. Lake Theatre

Steel Magnolias, Annelle                                                                Springfield Theatre


In an Instant                                            Lindsay Walz                                                            ABC, 2015

Smash                                                     Background                                                            NBC, 2012

Goodwife                                                Background                                                            CBS, 2012

Masters of Sex                                       Background                                                            Showtime, 2012

Some Holiday                                     Tracey                                                                        Sure Fine Prod.

TV commercials                                    iParty                                                                        Boston 2009-2010

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