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Franklin Heller

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May 5, 2016



A Christmas Carol (Musical) - Mr. Fezziwig - The Play’s The Thing Productions (Dayna Railton)

Big River - Thatcher, Wilkes, Phelps - Lakeshore Players (Paul Reyburn)

Seussical the Musical - Gen.Genghis Kahn Schmitz - Lakeshore Players (Christopher Teipner)

Cricket On The Hearth - Mr. Dallrimple - Lakeshore Players (Hannah Steblay)

Of Thee I Sing - French Ambassador -  Lakeshore Players (Joe Hendren)

Choose Your Own Adventure (MN Fringe) - Storyteller/Host - Zellyfish (Jacob Wellington/Katrina Zharadka)

The Odd Couple - Murray - Farmington Community Theatre (Ana Hellzen)

70, Girls, 70 - Guard, Det. Callahan - The Play’s The Thing Theatre (Doug Dally)

Once Upon a CSI (MN Fringe) - Detective - Theatre of the Cheshire Cat (Hazen Markoe)

The Who’s Tommy - Minister, Hawker - Chameleon Theatre Circle (Bradley Donaldson)

School For Scandal - Mr. Visa (moneylender) - Chameleon Theatre Circle (Mishia Edwards)

Oklahoma! - Ike Skidmore - Lakeshore Players (Janice Murphy-Roman)

The Helen Is Generous Show (MNFringe) - Debbie on Drugs - AbbieBug Entertainment (Abbie Foster)

Working - Dave McCormick  - Lakeshore Players (Steve Peterson)

The Adventures of Stuart Little - Various roles - Lakeshore Players (Claudia Haas)

West Side on the South Side - David (Vet) - West Side Theater Project (Harry Waters Jr.)

Inherit The Wind - Mayor - Geneva Underground Playhouse (Eric Schwartz)

Pirates of the Great Lakes - Burgundy Beard - Lyric Arts Co. of Anoka (Joe Hendren)

A Rain of Seagulls (Chekov Festival) - Dr. Dorn - Ministry of Cultural Welfare (Leah Cooper)

Festival of Lights - Various roles - Illusion Theater (Michael Robins)

The Hollow - Gudgeon - Gallery Theater Co. (Dohn Thibault)

The Belle of Boulavogue (Irish Fair) - Dinny Bolger - Lex-Ham Com Theatre (Amanda Sterling)

The Odd Couple - Murray - PBR Events (Lori J. Ness)

You Can’t Take It With You - Boris Kolenkhov - Lyric Arts Co. of Anoka (Joe Hendren)

Annie Get Your Gun - Sitting Bull - Lyric Arts Co. of Anoka (Matt Alto)

Miracle on 34th St. - Drunk Santa / Prosecutor - Lyric Arts Co. of Anoka (Louise Rau)

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Mr. Barrymore - Gallery Theater Co. (Dohn Thibault)

Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril  (MN Fringe) - Nobeard (Pirate) - The Pauper’s Theater (Windy Bowlsby)

10-Min. Play Festival - Various roles - Lakeshore Players

The Music Man - Mayor Shinn - Lakeshore Players (Doug Dally)

The Taming of the Shrew - Pedant - Lakeshore Players (Steve Peterson)

To Kill A Mockingbird - Judge Taylor - Lyric Arts Co. of Anoka (Louise Rau)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Snug (Lion) - La Vie Theatre (Jason Schommer)

Improv in the Park - Various improv roles - Stevie Ray’s Improv Company

Matt Dodge and the Lobsters: Wood Jeux Merry Mi? (Music Video) - Chef (Supporting) - Slate of Mind Productions (Adam Zuehlke)

Harry Putter and the Sorcerer’s Phone - Hairgrid (Supporting) - Batty Productions (Jeremy Gustafson)

Harry Putter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets - Hairgrid (Supporting) - Batty Productions (Jeremy Gustafson)

The Completely Remarkable, Utterly Fabulous Transformation of a Regular Joe - Bar patron - Red Dilemma (Gene Landry)

Karma - Man eating Pastry - Slate of Mind Productions (Adam Zuehlke)

Our Dysfunctional Year (MN Fringe) - 2016 - Director - Minnesota Shorts

Socks (10-Minute Play) - 2016 - Director - Lakeshore Players

A Match Made in Heaven (We Just Clicked) - 2016 - Director -  Freshwater Theatre

The Chartreuse Porcupine (InsomniACTS 10-Minute Play) - 2016 - Director - River Valley Theatre Co

The Hedge Witches (MN Fringe)  - 2013 - Director - Storm Fools

Pets (10-Minute Play) - 2011 - Director -  Lakeshore Players

Mute (10-Minute Play) - 2010 - Director - Lakeshore Players

The Helen is Generous Show (MN Fringe) - 2010 - AD/SM - Abbie Bug Entertainment

This Seat Occupied (10-Minute Play) - 2008 - Director - Lakeshore Players

Member, Board of Directors (2009 - 2015) - Lakeshore Players

Member, 10-Minute Play Festival Committee (2007- 2016) - Lakeshore Players

Chair and Producer, 10-Minute Play Festival (2011-2015) - Lakeshore Players

Co-Producer, State Fair (2015) - Lakeshore Players

Co-Producer, Big River (2014) - Lakeshore Players

Producer, The Odd Couple (2013) - Lakeshore Players

Producer, Babe, The Sheep Pig (2011) - Lakeshore Players

Co-Producer, The Boyfriend (2010) - Lakeshore Players

Co-Producer, Oklahoma! (2010) - Lakeshore Players

Bachelor of Science - Applied Mathematics    1982    Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Acting Fundamentals, Cold Read Auditioning - Cheryl Moore Brinkley

Simple Clown Workshop - Jon Ferguson

Various long form, short form, and musical improv classes - Chicago Improv Festivals VII - IX

Various long form, short form, and musical improv classes - Various locations in Minnesota

Improv for the Stage - Stevie Ray’s Improv Co

Improv Classes Levels 1 through 5, Six Ring Circus - Brave New Institute

Beginner and Intermediate Improv Workshops - ComedySportz Twin Cities

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