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December 13, 2022

Gina’s current news

Gina appeared most recently in the one-woman show, My Dance with Lisa, produced by Brick by Brick Players at the 2022 Minnesota Fringe Festival. She is currently working on a film project exploring Hamlet's "To Be" soliloquy from the perspective of six different actors with diverse life experiences. 


Gina Sauer returned to acting eight years ago after a long hiatus, and since then has appeared with theaters throughout the Twin Cities including Lyric Arts, 20% Theatre, Gadfly, Uprising Theatre, Fearless Comedy Productions, Little Lifeboats, Aethem Theatre, and Maggie’s Farm, among others.



"Gina Sauer, as Sydney, is the beating heart of the story...emotionally, she conveys the weariness of a woman who has traveled a hard road, loved and lost passionately, and now wants nothing more than peace." (Talkin' Broadway, Oct. 23, 2019)

Apples in Winter

"Gina Sauer's performance is also remarkable; not only does she recite a 75-minute monologue, but she also conveys Miriam's full range of emotions, all while making a pie! It's quite a feat, and quite fun to watch." (Cherry and Spoon, June 1, 2018)

"Performing a one woman show is a feat in and of itself, Sauer does it effortlessly. From the moment she walks through the side door to the kitchen, she never drops character...Sauer masterfully takes the audience through Miriam's life and journey...This script showcases Sauer through the wide range of emotion she must portray, often switching at a moment's notice. Keep in mind while she does all of this, she is baking a pie."  (, June 6, 2018)

"Miriam is played by Gina Sauer, and she gives a fantastic performance...Miriam is the only person on 'stage' and while she is telling this story, emoting, getting you the audience involved - she is also making a pie!!...It is an amazing performance." (Life in Revue, June 4, 2018)

Lace Curtain Irish

"Gina Sauer delivers a penetrating and poignant performance as the maid of infamous axe-murderer Lizzie Borden." (Lavender Magazine, Jully 16, 2015)

Leah's Train

"Gina Sauer is just delightful as a mother who is struggling with the loss of her mother, the angst of her relationship with her own daughter, and still rejoicing on her own new lease on life." (Aisle Say -Twin Cities, March 7, 2015)


Gina Sauer

612.701.4462    [email protected] 

Hair: Blond  ●  Eyes: Green  ●  Height: 5’8” 

Voice: Mezzo (D3 – F5)


One-Woman Show, My Dance with Lisa, Brick by Brick Players, directed by Hadley Evans Nash (upcoming - MN Fringe)

Defense Attorney, Let Them Look: An Eileen Wournos Story, Ruckus Productions/Arts Nest, directed by Grace Barnstead (upcoming)

Lori, Time Went By, Eden Prairie Players, directed by Justin Cervantes

Mrs. Gibbs, Our Town, Prior Lake Players/Expressions Theater, directed by Mike Wartman and Jim Anderson 

Cookie Cusack, Rumors, Expressions Theater, directed by Jim Anderson 

Peggy, Meemaw McPhearson's Magic Mushrooms, Brick by Brick Players, directed by Hadley Evans Nash (MN Fringe)

Gloria, Miracle on Christmas Lake, Expressions Theater, directed by Stephanie Coffield

Kate McCallister, Home Alone: A Drinking Game Game - Minnesota, Shadow Horse Theatre, directed by Matt Saxe

Sydney, UNKNOWN, 20% Theatre Company, directed by Mariah Larkin 

Tanya, Mamma Mia!: A Drinking Game - Minnesota, Shadow Horse Theatre, directed by Matt Kelly

Emily, Swan Song, Third Floor Flat Productions, directed by Cara White (MN Fringe)

Queen Gertrude, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Fearless Comedy Productions, directed by Dan Patton

Petronella van Daan, The Diary of Anne Frank, Cross Community Players, directed by Dann Peterson

Aunt Sarah, Prancer, Lyric Arts, directed by Laura Tahja Johnson

Jezebel/Ensemble, The Womyn's Mysteries, See-Saw Theater Lab, directed by Chava Curland (MN Fringe)

Miriam, Apples in Winter, Uprising Theatre, directed by Shaleen Coleman

Penelope Sycamore, You Can’t Take It With You, Lyric Arts, directed by Adrian Lopez-Balbontin

Katharina von Bora, Katie Versus the Devils, Scared Hare Productions, directed by Jon Stark Olsen (MN Fringe)             

Lady Russell/Mrs. Musgrove, Jane Austen’s "Persuasion", Aethem Theatre, directed by Calli Kunz

Honey Raye Futrelle, Southern Hospitality, Expressions Theater, directed by Kristen Cash

Miss Shields, A Christmas Story, Lyric Arts, directed by Matt McNabb

Courtezan, The Comedy of Errors, Maggie’s Farm Theater, directed by Bryan Bevell

Lady Capulet, Romeo & Juliet, Little Lifeboats, directed by Erin Denman                   

Emilia, Desdemona, a play about a handkerchief, CC Productions/Arts Nest, directed by Chava Curland

Housekeeper, Man of La Mancha, Theater 301, directed by Doug Affinito

Honey Raye Futrelle, Christmas Belles, Expressions Theater, directed by Jim Anderson

Bridget Sullivan, Lace Curtain Irish, Gadfly Theatre, directed by Cassandra Snow

Multiple roles, Choice(s), Vox Populi, directed by Shalee Coleman

Hannah Gold, Leah’s Train, 20% Theatre Company, directed by Chava Curland

Grandma Kurnitz, Lost in Yonkers, Theater 301, directed by Doug Affinito

Peaches Belrose, The Red Velvet Cake War, Lyric Arts, directed by Dann Peterson

Elsa Schraeder, The Sound of Music, Theater 301, directed by Karin Maas                      

Elaine, The Miss Firecracker Contest, Luther College, directed by Robert Larson                              

Muffet, Uncommon Women and Others, Luther College, directed by Cynthia Nelson                              

Sally Bowles, Cabaret, Luther College, directed by Corinne Johnson

Charity Barnum, Barnum, The New Minowa Players, directed by Corinne Goellnitz

Gypsy/featured dancer, Man of La Mancha, Luther College, directed by Robert Larson                                        


B.A., Luther College, Decorah, IA

Major: English (emphasis in classical literature)

Minor: Theater

  • Advanced level dance training in Jazz, Modern and Ballet; intermediate level in Tap
  • Principal dancer, choreographer and instructor with campus-based dance company, DanceWorks

Vocal coaching with Jon Spong, Metropolitan Opera coach and accompanist

Zenon Dance Company & School, Minneapolis, MN: training in Jazz and Modern dance             

Special Skills/Awards/Other Experience

Fluent in German; accents include Irish, British (RP), Russian, Italian, German, New York, Texas, and Southeastern U.S.

Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship nominee (Region 5)

15+ years as singer with rock/pop cover band, and singer/songwriter with folk band

Achieved brown belt in karate

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