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Grant Hooyer

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January 10, 2020


Park Square Generals 2020


- Various roles in "The Tempest" June 19th - July 19th directed by Hannah Steblay @Classical Actors Ensemble

- The Geographer in "The World Over" Feb. 13th - March 22nd directed by Jeremy Stanbary @Open Window Theatre


- Roger in "The Ever & After" directed by Sofia Lindgren Galloway @Theatre Pro Rata

- Richard Harmon in "Artificial" directed by Jonathan Fondell @MNFringe2019

- Nigel Bingham "Binky" Binkersteth in "Jeeves Takes A Bow" directed by Dann Peterson @Theatre in the Round

- John Willoughby & John Dashwood in "Sense and Sensibility" directed by Natalie Novacek @Lyric Arts



- Alan Baker in "Come Blow Your Horn" directed by James A. Zimmerman @St Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theatre

- Dick Deadeye in "HMS Pinafore" directed by Joe Chvala @Mounds View Community Theatre

- Miles in "The Drawer Boy" directed by Josh Campbell @Lyric Arts

- Philippe in "The Baker's Wife" directed by Ben McGovern @Artistry

- Jimmy Winter in "Nice Work If You Can Get It" directed by Adrian Lopez-Balbontin @Lyric Arts



ESTATE OF AFFAIRS. So Shall I, Minnesota Fringe 2018. Directed by Savanna D'Amico

  • "A NFF (Not friends and family) review. I enjoy a good farce, and this effort checks all the boxes. A strong anchoring performance by Grant Hooyer set a foundation for a fun time. I would definitely consider this if you have a spot in your schedule." -- Larry B, Minnesota Fringe 2018

COME BLOW YOUR HORN. St. Croix Off-Broadway Dinner Theatre. Directed by James A. Zimmerman

  • "Grant Hooyer (as Alan Baker) brings charisma with just a hint of sleaze, enough for a graceful and believable arc" -- Twin Cities Arts Reader

HMS PINAFORE. Mounds View Community Theatre. Directed by Joe Chvala

  • "Grant Hooyer provides the comic relief as the creepy Dick Deadeye, his lanky frame so bent over I hope he has a good physical therapist or yoga instructor for post-show recovery." -- Cherry and Spoon

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT. Lyric Arts. Directed by Adrian Lopez-Balbontin

  • "The baby-faced Grant Hooyer is a charmer as the millionaire playboy Jimmy, and not a bad hoofer." -- Cherry and Spoon

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