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Helen Collins

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January 12, 2019


I have performed in various community theater productions since I was young. I studied violin for 18 years and have taken singing instruction for 8 years. I have received acting training from the Self-Reliant Actor and have completed all four levels improv instruction at the Brave New Workshop Student Union. My resume includes several musicals, new productions and short play festivals, an outdoor Shakespeare production and one collaboratively written production based in spoken word poetry and improv. I also have experience in puppetry from my work in children’s theater and the holiday show at In the Heart of the Beast Theater.


Romeo and Juliet - Classical Actors Ensemble

Planetfest: Short Speculative Play Festival - Pheonix Theater

Baker - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Between the Worlds - In the Heart of the Beast

Musician and performer - Carnival de Resistance

General Jinjur - Marvelous Land of Oz

Frenchie - Grease

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