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June 3, 2022


James Napoleon Stone is the Artistic Director of Theatre Coup d'Etat. Directing credits include Ivey Award-winning HamletOne Flea Spare, and the Ivey Award-winning Equus, for which he was awarded City Pages "Best Director 2016". He also wrote and directed an original adaptation of Moby Dick, honored with "Exceptional New Work" at the Minnesota Theatre Awards. Coup d'Etat was also honored to receive "Best Theater Troup" in 2019 from City Pages. He holds a Master's degree in education from Metropolitan State University and an MFA in Theatre Arts with an emphasis on Directing and Theatre Pedagogy at the University of Idaho. James is honored to be a part of such a hard-working theatre community. 


Pyrates Teaser Trailer

Praise for "Moby Dick" by Theatre Coup d'Etat

The Tempest 003




Hal/Henry V - ROGUE PRINCE: HENRY IV parts 1 and 2 - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Ariel - THE PILLOWMAN - Theatre Coup d'Etat

John Proctor - THE CRUCIBLE - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Tom - THE GLASS MENAGERIE - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Detective Inspector Nelson - RAT IN THE SKULL - Candid Theatre Co.

Jean - MISS JULIE - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Oberon - A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Nat Dogwood - DOGWOOD* - Candid Theatre Co.

Judas Iscariot - THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT - Forgotten Goddess

Nathan Leopold - NEVER THE SINNER - Candid Theatre Co.

Osvald - GHOSTS - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Leartes - HAMLET* - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Mercutio - ROMEO & JULIET - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Chris - KILLER JOE - Candid Theatre Co.

Prior - ANGELS IN AMERICA - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Macbeth - MACBETH - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Jeffery - JEFFERY - Brazen Theatre

Macbeth - MACDUFF - Animal Fire Theatre

Max - BENT - Candid Theatre Co. 

The Importance of Being Ernest - MS. PRISM - Theatre Arlo

Mercutio - ROMEO & JULIET - Idaho Repertory Theatre

Todd - UNNECESSARY FARCE - Idaho Repertory Theatre

Willum - THE NERD - Idaho Repertory Theatre

Sebastian - TWELFTH NIGHT - Idaho Repertory Theatre

Vince - TAPE - 6th Street Productions

Tom - FAT PIG - 6th Street Productions 



James Napoleon Stone - PYRATES - Theatre Coup d'Etat

William Shakespeare - THE TEMPEST - Theatre Coup d'Etat

James Napoleon Stone - MOBY DICK - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Peter Shaffer - EQUUS* - Theatre Coup d'Etat

William Shakespeare - A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Naomi Wallace - ONE FLEA SPARE - Theatre Coup d'Etat

William Shakespeare - HAMLET* - Theatre Coup d'Etat

Tennessee Williams - A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE - Theatre Coup d’Etat

John Patrick Shanley - DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA - 6th Street Productions

*Ivey Award-winning production


BS - Theatre Arts, Universirty of Idaho (2009)

MSEd - Urban Education, Metropolitan State University (2019)

MFA Directing and Theatre Pedagogy - University of Idaho (2022)


Stanislavski Method with David Lee-Painter, Shakespeare, Meisner Technique, Comedy, Character Development, Audition Techniques, Monologues, Alexander Technique Voice and Text with Scott Kaiser, Artistic Staff, Oregon Shakespeare Festival


2019 - "Best Theatre Troupe" - THEATRE COUP D'ETAT - City Pages

2018 - "Exceptional New Work" - MOBY DICK - Minnesota Theatre Awards

2017 - "Outstanding Playwriting" - MOBY DICK - Lavender Magazine

2016 - "Best Director" - EQUUS - City Pages

2013 - Directing - HAMLET - Ivey Award

2012 - Best Actor in a Supporting Role - KILLER JOE - Lavender Magazine

2011 - Extraordinary Performance - BENT - Lavender Magazine