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Jane Froiland

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January 18, 2019




The Miracle Worker/Yellow Tree Theatre (Kate Keller)

Next Festival: 7 Shot Swing/Theatre Latte Da (Athena, Alcmene, Jade Emporer and others)

The Diary Of Anne Frank/Park Square Theatre (Miep)

The Maids/Dark and Stormy Productions (Claire)

Revolt. She said. Revolt Again/Frank Theatre (Performer)

On the Exhale/MN Fringe Festival/Market Garden Theatre (Solo Show)

Marie Antoinette/Walking Shadow (Marie Antoinette)

The Norwegians/Dark and Stormy Productions (Olive)

The Realistic Joneses/Park Square Theatre (Pony)

An Octoroon/Mixed Blood Theatre (Dora) 

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea/Children's Theatre (Captain Nemo)

Skin Deep Sea/Workhaus Collective (Two Headed Witch)

Of Mice and Men/Park Square Theatre (Curley's Wife)

To Kill a Mockingbird/ Park Square Theatre (Mayella Ewell)

Rocket to the Moon/Gremlin Theatre (Cleo)

A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur/Gremlin Theatre (Helena)

Almost, Maine/Daleko Arts (Ginette et al)

Compleat Female Stage Beauty/Walking Shadow (Margaret Hughes)

My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding/Minnesota Jewish Theatre (Irene et al) 

Tempests/Tedious Brief Productions (Ariel)

Jeeves in Bloom/Old Log Theater (Madeline)

Doubt/Ten Thousand Things (Sister James)

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf/Jungle Theatre (Honey)

Rock and Roll/Park Square Theatre (Esme/Alice)

Flanagan’s Wake/Actor’s Theatre Of MN 

On Camera:

Documentary Now! (Opposite Fred Armisen)

 Theater People (Jill)  


EDUCATION B.A. Theatre University of Minnesota

AWARDS 2014 Best Actress in a Drama/Lavendar Magazine (Rocket to the Moon) 2012 Ivey Award, Best Overall Production (Compleat Female Stage Beauty) 2011 Ivey Award, Best Overall Production (Doubt)

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