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Jenna Papke

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March 7, 2018


Jenna Papke is the Executive Director of Arts Nest, which manages the Phoenix Theater. In her free time (such as it it), she is a freelance director. For several years she was the Artistic Director of Six Elements, for whom she directed 10 shows, including: Tales of the Most Notorious Highwaymen;Valhalla,Tales from the Hall of Heroes; and Orpheus Descending - named one of the 10 best plays of 2014 by Lavender Magazine. 


Directing Credits – Stage

Recent Work

  • The Maids, by Jean Genet, produced by Glowing Ember, January 2018
  • Code: L-O-V-E and Full Metal Rabbit, 2017 Minnesota Fringe
  • The Country Wife, by William Wycherley, produced by Glowing Ember, March 2017
  • Love is Never a Lie, by Jenna Papke, produced by Glowing Ember, February 2016
  • An Evening with Krampus, a new musical by Sam Krahn, with Arts Nest, December 2015
  • The Hunting of the Snark, part of Tales from Wonderland produced by Maximum Verbosity, March 2015

As Artistic Director of Six Elements

  • Broceliande; or the Death of Merlin, by phillip andrew bennett low, April 2014
  • Orpheus Descending, by Tennessee Williams, January 2014
  • Much Ado about Nothing, by William Shakespeare, October 2013
  • Launcelot and Guinever, by phillip low, August 2013 at the Minnesota Fringe
  • Zastrozzi, by George F. Walker, February 2013
  • The Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen, by John Heimbuch, October 2012
  • Valhalla, Tales from the Hall of Heroes, ensemble created, March 2012
  • The Pussycat and the Master Plumber Who was a Man, by Arthur Miller, October 2011 
  • The Pillowman, by Martin McDonagh, February 2011
  • Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare, December 2010


  • Bad Deeds Done Bad, by Keith Hovis, August 2010 for the Minnesota Fringe Festival
  • Dying in Public Places: a darkly comic new musical, by Keith Hovis, August 2008 for Minnesota Fringe
  • Euphoria, a new drama by Keith Hovis, June 5-8, 2008 at The Playwright’s Center
  • Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard, March 7-16, 2008 at Patrick’s Cabaret
  • Brave Little Tailor, by Randy Wyatt, August 2004 for the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Produced by Others

  • Stuck in the Middle with You, by Sarah McPeck, a short for Box Wine’s Raucous Caucus II
  • Director’s Gym 2008 February 29 and March 1, produced by Theatre Unbound



Bachelor of Arts, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, December 2007
Major: Theatre Arts
Study Abroad: London, 2007, internship with Theatre Producer, Greg Ripley-Duggan