Jim Ahrens

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May 23, 2022


Jim has worked as an actor, singer, director and coach in the Twin Cities for several years.  Favorite roles include Polonious in Hamlet (Theatre Coup d'Etat), Lorenzo the Unfeeling in Melancholy Play: A Musical (Theatre Elision), Appopolus in Wonderful Town (Skylark Opera), Trotter in Journey’s End (Gremlin Theatre), Gleaton in Susannah (Theatre Latte Da), and Florestan in Mixed Precipitation's version of Beethoven's Fidelio.

Jim is also an experienced dialect coach,  and has successfully coached many different accents for Ivey Award winning productions by several local companies, including  Theatre Elision, Girl Friday Productions, and Theatre Coup d'Etat.

He has performed as a soloist with the Minnesota Orchestra, The Minneapolis Pops Orchestra, The Des Moines Symphophiny, and other organizations.  He is the tenor soloist at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in downtown Minneapolis.



Lorenzo the Unfeeling

Jim Ahrens in "Rosa and Leo"

Jim Ahrens Musical Audition -- By Strauss


Representative Roles

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Trotter, Journey's End,  Gremlin Theatre
Polonious, Hamlet,  Theatre Coup d’Etat 
Prospero, The Tempest, Cromulent Shakespeare
Snelgrave, One Flea Spare, Theatre Coup d'Etat
Vainmoinen, The Kalevela, nimbus Theater



M. Triquet, Eugene Onegin, Skylark Opera Theatre
Lorenzo the Unfeeling, Melancholy Play, Theatre Elision
Karl  Marx, The Manifesto, Theatre Elision
Simon Stimson, Our Town (Rorem), Skylark Opera
Orpheus, Orpheus in the Underworld (Offenbach), Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera
Appopolus, Wonderful Town,  Skylark Opera
Street Chorus/Solo, Mass (Bernstein), Minnesota Orchestra
Gleaton, Susannah,  Theatre Latte Da
Florestan, Fidelio (adapt),  Mixed Precipitation Picnic Operetta
Parpignol, La Boheme, Minnesota Orchestra and Theatre Latte Da
Dr. Daley, The Sorcerer, Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera Company

Special Skills

Dialect coaching: British (RP, Cockney, Estuarial,Scottish, Irish), Scandinavian, Russian, Yiddish, German, Italian, Greek, various American regional and others by request.

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