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John Goodrich

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January 8, 2019

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Park Square Generals 2019


The Adult Men, "Spring Awakening" -- Shoot the Glass Theater
The Mysterious Man, "Into the Woods" -- Shoot the Glass Theater
Francalou, "The Metromaniacs" -- Theatre in the Round
Professor Hiram Otis, "The Canterville Ghost" -- Theatre in the Round
Azdak / Singer, "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" --  Lex-Ham Community Theatre
Sir Walter Elliot, "Persuasion" -- Aethem Theatre Company
Sir, "Sideshow" --  Chameleon Theatre Circle
Lord Montague / Apothecary, "Romeo & Juliet" -- Theatre in the Round
Henry Dashwood, "Sense and Sensibility" -- Theatre in the Round
Carl Hanratty, "Catch Me If You Can" -- Chameleon Theatre Circle