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January 20, 2018


Theater Latté Da
Larkin, Six Degrees of Separation (Director: Peter Rothstein)
DeWight, C. (Director: Peter Rothstein)
Ellery Forrestal, Song of Extinction (Director: Peter Rothstein)

The Jungle Theater
Paul Sycamore, You Can’t Take It With You (Director: Gary Gisselman)
Ben, Detroit (Director: Joel Sass)
Dr. Givings, In The Next Room or the Vibrator Play (Director: Sarah Rasmussen)

Park Square Theater
John Clarke, Calendar Girls (Director: Mary Finnerty)
Friar Laurence, Romeo and Juliet (Director: David Mann)
Henry Lane, Sexy Laundry/Henry and Alice: Into the Wild (Director: Mary Finnerty)
Frank, School for Lies (Director: Amy Rummenie)
Billy Collins, American Family (Director: Marion McClinton)
Gordon/Dwight, Dead Man’s Cell Phone (Director: Matt Sciple)
Steve, Becky’s New Car (Director: Peter Moore)

Frank Theatre
Yang Sun, The Good Person of Sechuan (Director: Wendy Knox)

Theatre Pro Rata
Walter Griffin, Up: the Man in the Flying Chair (Director: Carin Bratlie)
O'Brien, 1984 (Director: Carin Bratlie)

Torch Theater
Kash, Prints (Director: Craig Johnson)
Valmont, Les Liaisons Dangereuse (Director: Craig Johnson)
Saul Kimmer, True West (Director: David Mann)
Lingk, Glengarry Glen Ross (Director: David Mann)
Ray Hudson, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (Director: Peter Rothstein)
Albert, A Thousand Clowns (Director: Peter Moore)

Carlyle Brown and Company
Roy Cohn, Are You Now or Have You Ever Been… (Director: Noel Raymond)

Gremlin Theatre
Judge Brack, Hedda Gabler (Director: Craig Johnson)
Guy, Everywhere Signs Fall (Director: Leah Cooper)
Ken Tynan, Orson’s Shadow (Director: Matt Sciple)
Johann Fasch, Bach at Leipzig (Director: Rob Goudy)
Alan Squier, The Petrified Forest (Director: Peter Hansen)

Girl Friday Productions
Harry Van, Idiot's Delight (Director: Craig Johnson)
Casanova, Camino Real (Director: Benjamin McGovern)
Mr. Kaplan, Street Scene (Director: Craig Johnson)
Mr. Antrobus, The Skin of Our Teeth (Director: Benjamin McGovern)
Editor Webb, Our Town (Director: Craig Johnson)


Representative Film/TV
Marty Doogin Arts, Ltd.: Hope, Semper Fi, You Should Be Famous
Killing Joke Films: A Method