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Katherine Kupiecki

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January 30, 2020


Katherine Kupiecki is a Twin Cities-based theater, film, commercial, and voice actress and was recently named a 2018 Outstanding Supporting Actress by Lavender Magazine for her role in IDEATION with Gremlin Theater.  Recent notable performances include portraying one of the REALISH HOUSEWIVES OF EDINA in the hit show of the same name at the New Century Theatre, a joint collaboration between the Hennepin Theatre Trust and Second City of Chicago, that broke New Century box office records.  

Katherine performed lead roles in two recent Ivey Award winning productions: 2012 winner for Inventive Reinterpretation, the all-female JULIUS CEASAR (Mark Antony) with Theatre Unbound, and 2015 winner for Overall Excellence, GABRIEL (Jeanne) with Walking Shadow Theatre Company.

Representative Reviews:

“I’m beginning to think there’s nothing Katherine Kupiecki can’t do. She’s invariably one of the most compelling performers in any production in which I’ve seen her. Here, as Jeanne, you can’t take your eyes off her—mostly because you don’t dare, her character is capable of anything, and you never know what she might do next…..It’s a heck of a performance.” ~ TC Daily Planet review of GABRIEL, Walking Shadow Theater Company September 2014

"The most effectively disturbing performance comes from Kupiecki: Her studied obliviousness is scarier than her maids’ stifled seething." ~ City Pages review of MY SISTER IN THIS HOUSE, Theatre Pro Rata, June 2019

"Katherine Kupiecki as Hannah, in one of her best performances to date, embodies the essence of a good corporate woman of our time: trying her best to be principled and inclusive of difficult men in trying situation. She and Nikhil Pandey bring vibrant energy to their illicit office romance, which Hannah has yet to realize the others actually know about." - LAVENDER MAGAZINE review of IDEATION, Gremlin Theater, July 2018

“Kupiecki creates a strong woman, courageously committed to protecting her family. She effectively suggests the fear that underlies the character’s bitter anger.” ~Star Tribune review of review of GABRIEL, Walking Shadow Theater Company, September 2014

“Whisner plays Walter with ingenious ambiguity, making us want to root for him one minute and distrust him the next….. Assisting him on that journey is co-worker Nikki (infectiously fearless Katherine Kupiecki)...” ~ Star Tribune review of THE WOODSMAN, Theatre Pro Rata, February 2014

“In this production of “Twelfth Night,” however, the love triangle takes a back seat to the comic antics of the subplot…..while Katherine Kupiecki’s Maria combines bawdy humor with cunning. The production comes to life when the two hatch a plot to bring down Olivia’s haughty steward, Malvolio...”~ Star Tribune review of TWELFTH NIGHT, June 2014

“Joy is played by Katherine Kupiecki, again with understated passion.  Is this marriage ever consummated?  I would have guessed not, until the final scene, when their affection takes on real physicality.  It’s one of the loveliest elements of this production ...that the sicker Joy becomes, the sexier she is.” ~ How Was the Show review of SHADOWLANDS Open Window Theater ,  February 2013