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Kimberly Richardson

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January 31, 2020


Kimberly Richardson is an actor, dancer, choreographer, and theatre maker with 20 years on the Twin Cities performance scene.   A member of Ten Thousand Things’ Artist Core, Kimberly has appeared frequently with the company since 2008 in productions including Othello,  Music ManAs You Like ItDirt Sticks, and most recently Scapin.   Also a regular at Open Eye Figure Theatre, Kimberly performed/ co-created My Life as a Fairytale and The Clumsy Man with Michael Sommers and The Red Shoes with Joel Sass.  Other credits include: Workhaus Collective, Children's Theatre Company, History Theatre, Jungle Theater, TigerLion Arts, Interact Center, Live Action Set and Sodhouse Theater.  Kimberly received a 2016-17 McKnight Theatre Artist Fellowship and a 2006 Sage Award for dance performance.



Upcoming: The Red Shoes at the Open Eye Figure Theatre, The Hatmaker's Wife with Ten Thousand Things

Ten Thousand Things: Scapin/ Park and Lake/ The Changelings/ Huh?The Unsinkable Molly Brown/ Dirt Sticks/ The Music Man/ Il Campiello/ Twelfth Night/ Othello/ My Fair Lady/ As You Like It

Open Eye Figure Theatre: The Red Shoes/ To the Moon/ The Clumsy Man/ My Life as a Fairytale, or The Ugly Duckling

Sodhouse Theater: The Hoopla Train with Yardmaster Yip and His Polkestra 

Original Work: In collaboration with Sara Richardson: The Nosdrahcir Sisters/ The Art of Seduction in collaboration with Ryan Patrick: Follies

TigerLion Arts: Nature 

Children’s Theatre Company: CinderellaA Special Trade/ The Cat in the Hat (understudy)

Red Bird Theatre: A Bright Room Called Day

TigerLion Arts: Nature

Interact Center: By the Seat of Our Pants

Theatre Novi Most: The Seagull

Live Action Set: Fletcher and Zenobia Save the Circus/ Please Don’t Blow Up Mr. Boban/ The Percussionist/ The Piano Tuner

Jungle Theater: Noises Off

Jon Ferguson: The Sad and Lonesome Story of What’s-His-Name/ We are Ugly, but We Have the Music/ Bury my Heart at Dumbass Cowboy/ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

History Theatre: Stewardess!Capital Crimes

Four Humors: Romeo and Juliet

Workhaus Collective: 800 Words

Frank Theatre: Cabaret

Shawn McConneloug and HER Orchestra: Force/ Matter

Salt Lake Acting Company: How I Learned to Drive

DANCE PERFORMANCE AND TRAINING: BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah Salt Lake City/ professional dancer in over 75 dance productions/ proficient in modern dance, ballet, jazz, dance composition, dance improvisation

CHOREOGRAPHY Full Length Musicals: Dear World, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Nature Dances within plays: The Red Shoes, Dirt Sticks, Park and Lake, To the Moon, The Art of Seduction, We Are Ugly But We Have the Music

THEATRE TRAINING Raye Birk (Acting)/ Jon Ferguson (Clown), Melissa Hart (voice)/ Michael Sommers (Puppetry)/ Christer Dahl (Puppetry)

TEACHING: acting and dance courses at Augsburg University/ artist outreach workshops with Ten Thousand Things/ dance classes for children and adults at Zenon Dance Company, Ballaretreatro, North Community High School 


2016-2017 McKnight Theatre Artist Fellowship 

2006 Sage Award for Dance Performance

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