Konrad Case

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May 1, 2020


Minnesota Lottery Welcome to Minnesnowta 0:30

The Spirit of Mediacom: Superior TV

Woodworking Long Format


Representative Theatre

Five Presidents                       Agent Kirby                   Old Log Theater

Moon Over Buffalo                  Paul                              Rochester Civic Theatre

King John                               Dauphin Lewis              Nebraska Shakespeare

Much Ado                               Claudio                         Nebraska Shakespeare

Snow White                            Olaf                              Old Log Theater           

Full Metal Rabbit                   Henchman #2                MN Fringe 2017

Macbeth                                Understudy(Macduff)     Park Square Theatre

The Reluctant Dragon           Father                            Old Log Theater

The Jungle Book                   Shere Khan                    Old Log Theater

As You Like It                         Orlando                          Nebraska Shakespeare

Jackie and Me                        Ant                                 Rose Children’s Theatre

A Christmas Carol                  Fred                               Nebraska Theatre Caravan

The Energized Guyz              The Sneaker                  National Theater for Children

Titus Andronicus                     Lucius                           Nebraska Shakespeare

Beauty and the Beast             Gaston                          Rose Children’s Theatre

West Side Story                      Lt. Schrank                   Troika Entertainment



Special Skills

British R.P., Southern R.P., Hand-to-Hand Combat, Rapier, Sword and Shield, Baritone/Bass, Whistles, CPR and First Aid Trained




University of Nebraska – Omaha  Theater Arts, Performance Emphasis

Advanced Acting: Auditioning w/Cindy Melby-Phanuef

Movement for the Actor w/Dave McCann


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