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Peder Lindell

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April 8, 2021


Dead Cell


Peder Lindell                        

Height: 5’6”    Hair: Brown    Eyes: Hazel        *Non-Union Non-Equity*

Email: [email protected]    Website: https://pederlindell5.wixsite.com/actor



Out Of My Hands (short)       Lead                TBK Productions (Luke Ailabouni)

Not In The Stars (short)         Lead                TBK Productions (Luke Ailabouni)

Dead Cell (short)                   Supporting       IPR Studios (Penny Pauletich)

The Film Biz (short)               Supporting       IPR Studios (Noah Buggs)

Meniere’s Concerto (short)    Supporting       IPR Studios (Chan Khang)


Theatre (partial list)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas!    Young Max, Who Boy             Children’s Theatre Co. (Peter Brosius)

The Abominables!                             Ensemble, Dance Captain     Children’s Theatre Co. (Steve Cosson)

The Boy and Robin Hood                 The Boy                                  Trademark Theater (Tyler Michaels)

Orphan Train                                     Franz                                      History Theater (Ron Peluso)

Gypsy                                                Ensemble, US Newsboy        Theater Latté Da (Peter Rothstein)

Oliver!                                                The Artful Dodger                  Northfield Arts Guild (Rachel Haider)

Big Fish                                             Young Will                              St. Olaf College (Karen Wilson)

On Golden Pond                               Billy Ray                                 Jungle Theater (Bain Boehlke)

A Charlie Brown Christmas              Schroeder                               Paradise Center (Rachel Haider) 


OPERA (partial list)

Swede Hollow                                  Chorus                        St. Olaf/Carleton College (Dale Kruse)

Gianni Schicchi                                Gherardino                  University of Minnesota (David Walsh)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream           Fairy Chorus                Lakes Area Music Festival (JJ Hudson)

Hansel and Gretel                           Gingerbread Child        Lakes Area Music Festival (Leah Arington)

Albert Herring                                  Harry                            St. Olaf College (James Mckeel)

Street Scene                                   Willie Maurrant             St. Olaf College (Janis Hardy)



Schendel Films                              Lead

Northfield Soccer Association        Lead


TRAINING (partial list)

Acting: Acting on Camera, Andrew Hunt, IPR Studios

Acting: Broadway Playground Masterclass, Gayle Seay and Brett Schrier

Acting: Theater Arts Training, Children’s Theatre Company

Acting: Playshop Theater Training, Wendy Lehr, Janis Hardy

Acting: Encore Musical Theater Training

Voice: Dale Kruse, St. Olaf College

Voice: Minnesota All State Choir, Dr. Michael Culloton

Voice: Northfield Youth Choir and Highschool Concert Choir, Anton Armstrong, Liz Shepley, Kyle Eastman 

Dance: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Northfield Dance Academy and Pinnacle Performing Arts



G2-A4 vocal range, broadway belt voice, skilled acrobat, parkour, skateboarding, varsity soccer, standing backflip, private pilot SEL, 10+ yrs. Hockey, 4+ yrs. wrestling, varsity diving, gymnastics, juggling, advanced skier and snowboarder, advanced water sports, piano, Minnesotan accent, British accent, Intermediate Spanish

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