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February 2, 2018

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Friday 3/23
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Originally from Dallas, Texas, Rachel received her BA in Theatre from Macalester College in 2009. Rachel has been performing in the Twin CIties for the past 9 years, with roles ranging from comedy to drama, slapstick to blues musicals. She is a strong and versatile performer, with a great passion for theatre.

People are talking:

"Rachel Austin is a f***ing gem. As someone who works with abused women and trafficked girls, I was floored and encouraged by Rachel’s representation of a strong abused woman […] Give it up for some solid talent. I am hypercritical of performers and she honestly convinced me with her confusion, devotion, sass, and anguish. She is that good.” – Lisa Hu, on Elysium Blues

"Rachel Austin's Eurydice knocked me flat on my ass. From that point on I was hooked."

"[She has] a talent for physical comedy that is not over the top […] Plus the girl has a set of pipes on her... Go see her now and be amongst those who will be able to say ‘I saw her when...’" – about Southern Woman


Rachel Austin Voice Over Demo



Rocket Man (UPCOMING)---Rita---Theatre Pro Rata (Stuart Gates)

Blithe Spirit---Mrs. Bradman---Artistry (Ellen Fenster)

The Averagers---Babe the Blue Ox---Comedy Suitcase (Scrimshaw & Weinhagen)

House Party---Ginny---Savage Umbrella (Tanner Curl)

Green Line Theater---Microphone---MMA (Ashley Hanson)

The Kafka Nuts---Leni---Comedy Suitcase (Scrimshaw & Weinhagen)

Love, Loss, and What I Wore---Ensemble---Theatre in the Round (Shanan Custer)

Letters to Sala---Frymka/Rozia/Gucia---Sabes JCC (Lindsey Samples)

Elysium Blues---Eurydice---Unit Collective, MN Fringe 2013 (Ricardo Vazquez)

How to Become a Complete Southern Woman---Herself---MN Fringe 2013 (Harry Waters Jr.)

Blacula: Young, Black, and Undead---Van Helsing---Bryant Lake Bowl (Harry Waters Jr.)

Better (or) Worse (Scars)---Kit---Freshwater Theatre (John Zeiler)

These are the rules of hitchhiking:---Hazel---University of MN (Kristen Stoeckler, Heidi Arneson, Sonja Kuftinec)

Independence---Sherry---Theatre in the Round (Leah Cooper)

Sum of Sand---Sand, et al---Unit Collective, Fringe ‘11 (Lindsey Cacich)

MN Girls are Not for Sale---Rose---Mama Mosaic (Sha Cage)

Oy!---Sara, Kravitsky---Theatre Or (Anya Kremenetsky)

Med(i/e)a---Creon---Pangea World Theater (Tisch Jones)

The Haunted Theater---Lover---Director’s Studio (Matt Hune/Damon Runnals)

EWOCs Do It in 10 Minutes---Various---Unit Collective, Fringe ‘10 (Harry Waters Jr.)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof---Big Mama---Macalester College MainStage (Wendy Knox)

Wit---Vivian Bearing---Macalester Black Box

Angels in America---Hannah Porter Pitt---Macalester MainStage (Harry Waters Jr.)

The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer---Censor---Macalester MainStage (Beth Cleary)

Jesus Christ Superstar---Mary Magdalene---Macalester Black Box

Alice in Wonderland---Cheshire Cat---Dallas Theater Center TC

Ebenezer Scrooge---Fred’s Wife---Pocket Sandwich Theater

As You Like It---Maid---Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival

Fiddler on the Roof---Rifka---Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival


A Winter Love---Cyn---A Winter Love Production, full-length feature (Rhianna Yazzie, director)

Transfer---Lena Olinger---328 Productions, 2011 48 Hour Film Festival (nominated for 4 awards, including Best Film)

EDUCATION Macalester College, BA in Theatre (Class of 2009) NYU, Film & Performing Arts (Spring 2008) TRAINING Macalester College, Theatre & Dance Dept - Harry Waters Jr., Sears Eldredge, Beth Cleary Sanford Meisner Technique, SMU Meadows

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